August 27, 2020

whole lotta nuthin’

It remains hot and most humid. I’m not the least surprised, it is still August. Rain was in the forecast as late as the eleven o’clock news. Now? Just clouds. If I were that bad at forecasting I would be unemployed. Oh wait. 

Never mind. 

I was told the granddaughter is sick and won’t be here this morning. I hear the wife doing her abolutions, plans must have changed. Yes, one of my few joys in life will be here soon.

In other news leftists are still burning and rioting. NBA players refuse to play. Ignorant jerks like me wonder what good that does? What do I know, I support neither anarchists nor Marxists, so I am a racist. Nor do I believe 1+2=5. I’m an old white male and have voted for exactly two Democrats in the last thirty years. Strike three on me.

The Cubs are fading fast. They are the Mario Andretti of the MLB. How in heck do you lose two out of three to the Tigers? Let me repeat: the Tigers


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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I thought the MLB sent the Tigers down to Triple A this year.


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