September 5, 2020


Good morning fellow members of the blogosphere. I trust you are happy and well this holiday weekend. I am slated to work today and Sunday. 


You might remember me mentioning earlier in the week the granddaughter was not feeling well*. Things got worse later in the week as she developed a fever that would not break. The Doc ran tests, poked, prodded, and finally sent her for a Covid test. Now we are in quarantine until test results come back. Hopefully we will know something today. Then we will be free to roam the countryside, raising mayhem and exercising frivolity.


The other granddaughter developed symptoms yesterday. She was off to the doctor to be poked and prodded and have tests run, including for Covid. Now we are quarantined until those test results come back. Hopefully Sunday, probably Tuesday. 

I feel like I’ve been grounded for something I didn’t do. 

I have no symptoms, so you need not don a mask nor protective gear while reading this blog. Unless you find me so icky you do so anyway. If that is the case I’m not sure what to say. That’s just weird.

So, no work. No pool party at our friends’. No nothing. 

I’m going to throw a rack of ribs on the smoker later this morning. Otherwise, I will have to find something to occupy my time. The yard work is done in anticipation of working the weekend. I guess I could clean out the garage...

Oh well, have a great Saturday and physically stay away from me until I give the all clear. 

* or maybe I didn’t 


Cappy said...

There's (some) College Football and later the Kentucky Derby.

Hope all goes well and everyone in the family stays healthy.

Practical Parsimony said...

Here's hoping it is not Covid19. Stay safe.

Cheryl said...

Such worry for those two babies. Hope the tests come back negative and your whole family is fine.

Jean said...

I hope you get the all clear soon.

Joe said...

Both girls’ tests came back negative for Covid-19. Both are still sick though.

The baby has roseola most likely (diagnosis to be confirmed when the doc returns Tuesday).

The oldest? Perhaps a summer cold or other flu variety. Who knows, kids pick up the crud when they go to school.

We are out of quarantine now. It kept me from working all weekend. It also kept us from doing anything fun.

So it goes

Thanks for the kind words.

hey teacher... said...

Glad the test were negative. Not a fun thing to go thru(daughter had it for 17 days). We had our 1st positive at school over the weekend. There’ll be lots of freaking out today.

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