September 2, 2020

Little of this, little of that

The day dawns cloudy and gloomy this fine Wednesday. We need the rain, so I will not complain. The grandgirl is sick, high fever from teething, ear infection, or perhaps another malady. Doctors are paid a lot to figure that out. She won’t be coming over this morning in any case. 

I’m off to the doctor for some tests this afternoon. No caffeine is in the order. I’m not thrilled with that demand. The Keurig is over there on the counter mocking me. I can hear it. I suspect you are smirking in satisfaction as you sip your coffee too. Well screw you. 

Sorry. Lack of caffeine makes me a bit cranky.  Have a mug strong and black for me, will you? I should have never watched the last couple of innings of the Cubs game last night after I got home from work. I stayed up past midnight and now I’m tired, angry, and wielding a keyboard. Yeah, not too scary, is it? 

There was a story on the news (there was a rain delay in Pittsburgh) about how the downtown businesses in Indy are suffering. Workers haven’t returned to their offices and tourism and convention business is stopped (surprisingly, Indianapolis is a large convention destination). Suburbanites and hipsters are not going to the restaurants and clubs downtown. Part of this is the result of the Bat Flu shutdowns and restrictions which are still in place, more so the boarded up windows and lingering air of crime and seediness left from the protests and rioting. Rising crime and homeless people sleeping in doorways don't help either. The mayor seems more interested in being political than trying to fix the problem. At least the politicians in Indy have, for the most part, eschewed the nitwittery of the defund the police movement.  

I’d like to sign off with the notion I have stuff to do today, but I don’t. So I guess I’ll just read or watch a movie. I hope you have a productive day anyway.

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