October 2, 2020

Answer the question Joe

Yeah, yeah. I haven’t forgotten about the old blog. I’ve been busy. Doing what I couldn’t say. It’s not anything secret, it’s just I have no idea where the time is going. 

The Cubs staved off elimination yesterday, not through finding bats that actually work, but through inclimate weather. We shall see today. I ripped down the fall garden flag the wife had put up over the weekend and put my Cubs flag back up. My neighbor even texted me Wednesday night to ask why I took down my flag and caused the team to lose. I guess I will don my Cubs jersey today as a failsafe. Everyone knows the Northsiders win or lose based on my wardrobe and yard decorations. 

I read that this weekend marks the 95th anniversary of the Grand Old Opry. How about a little classic country for Friday music? 

Well too bad, I’ll play some old rock music next week.

1 comment:

Jean said...

Good luck with the Cubs today, Joe.
Indians broke my heart. Well, actually, Brad Hand broke my heart.

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