October 14, 2020

Hey, where did everyone go?

Nine. Freaking NINE? That’s how many read my last post. Nine people. I know old jokes aren’t your thing, but I routinely garner a few more hits than that on any given day. 

Unfortunately content isn’t likely to improve over the next days either. I’ve the opening shift at the big box yesterday, today, tomorrow, Saturday, and Monday. Reporting to work at 5:30 or 6:00 in the ayem doesn’t lend itself to publishing quality blog posts. 

I would think you would check in out of sense of familiarity, routine, or even obligation. 

Maybe it’s a sign to put this thing out of its misery. I got nine hits on my second or third blog post back in 2005.  I guess you are all off watching the SCOTUS hearings or maybe Peppa Pig. I don’t know.

Oh well, so it goes. I hope all nine of you have a great day.


B said...

Nine hits on THAT post, or nine hits to your blog in general?

THe link to here from my sidebar goes to your home page, not a particular post.

Practical Parsimony said...

I obviously did not go to your blog yesterday, maybe not home. But, we both got a big laugh out of the joke. No, I like your jokes.

Joe said...


Just bitchin’. Just nine on the post.

Gotta post sumptin’!

The views yesterday were only slightly down from my daily average of....any guesses?

Jean said...

I visit twice a day 'cause I'm terrified I might miss something.

squeeky's mom said...

I liked it. Called friend in Texas to tell her the joke. She laughed.

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