October 7, 2020

Joe Pres

In less than a week Trump has committed enough political faux pas to probably cost him the election. First was the idiotic joy ride around the hospital. Why? If you are sick, stay away, Typhoid Trump. So what if the GenPop wasn’t in infection range, your disregard for Secret Security folks, doctors, etc. shows a remarkable degree of selfishness.

Worse was walking away from any chance to offer additional stimulus relief to the average voter for Covid. Up to this point Trump could point at the Democrats and blame them for lack of a stimulus. Now he has walked away.  Such negotiation tactics work in the business world, but only if the other party has an interest in making a deal. Nancy doesn’t. Now the Dems can point at Trump and honestly say it was the President who walked away, doesn’t care about the average worker. 

I know the President doesn’t like politics, but this move was astoundingly politically stupid. Especially in an election year. 

And it just might cost him the election.

Get ready for higher taxes, economically crushing green policies, more regulations, gun control, and higher gas prices as drilling and fracking are ground to a halt. That’s what a Biden presidency will bring us and Trump just helped make that happen. 


Cheryl said...

I am confused about everything he has done. Maybe he really doesn't want the job of President. People act like Biden is going to be our saviour, he won't even be running the country.

Anonymous said...

Now your getting it. He doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. Staff or secret service.. screw them... they are peons to serve him. If they die they are replaceable. The over 200k that half already died. Suckers and losers. Suck it up. It's only the flu. He made it with all his medical team cant you all access your staff to treat you at no cost to you? Do you get it now? He doesnt give a flying f%*% about you.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people see this as I do. No more free handouts for the lazy and unmotivated in our society! Pelosi's 2.7 TRILLION dollar package was just more freebies for the union government workers ((teachers)) and this needs to stop.

Time and time again the teachers have shown us that more money does not in any way provide better education. Trump probably won more voters by refusing to play this never ending stimulus game than if he had caved to the Dems and continued the debasement of out currency.

Trump taking a victory lap around the hospital was his way of letting us know that the corona virus has been politicized by the left in their never ending push to destroy America.

squeeky's mom said...

First Anonymous - Lotta hate there. The medical field estimated at the beginning that deaths could reach 2 million. So 200k is horrible but compared to what was projected he should do a victory lap.

Second Anonymous - Pelosi is the wicked witch of the West. I'll cry the same amount of tears for her that I did for RBG. So far all I've heard has been positive for his victory lap.

Anonymous said...

Squeeky. We are not done yet. There is a second wave happening. And I'm sure the 200k family will appreciate your applause of his victory lap. Victory lap are you smoking something. Lotta hate on your part. I don't like him but if something had happened I would have been respectable. Your blast on Pelosi and RBG shows yourlack of civility. Also it's not teachers for the aid. A lot of people are hurting. Small business, workers in restaurant and entertainment. Your lack of empathy for people is despicable. Beware of karma it's a bitch.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Hasn't hurt his numbers so far.

And anon, GFY, will ya? You have an ugly soul. Just like all Democrats.

Unknown said...
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