October 27, 2020

lying liars

There is nothing like negativity and outright fear mongering in a political  ad. Todd Rokita is running for Attorney General of Indiana. The Democrat’s are running spots telling voters Rokita will take away their insurance and coverage for pre-existing conditions. The problem is that the Attorney General doesn’t make law. He cannot take away any insurance from anyone. He hasn’t the power. Only the legislature can create law. The whole spot is an outright lie, praying on people’s fears and lack of civic knowledge.

Whether you like hm or not, the entire campaign is a misleading lie and despicable. I won’t vote for his opponent for the outright disingenuous advertisements.


Cheryl said...

I live in a small community in Butler PA and it seems a lot of us who applied for mail in ballots never received them. My husband believes the democrats are trying to get people not to vote because we are a pretty conservative area. Went and did early voting this morning though.

B said...

Democrats lie a lot in campaigns.

"You can keep your doctor".

IF you need more examples, I got lots of 'em.

Cheryl said...

I read they all lie.

Joe said...


Indeed. This ad is just totally over the top fear-mongering

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