October 16, 2020

Who guides this ship?

It is a chilly 31F here at the homestead this morning. I have the day off after several opening shifts down at the big box retailer. The future schedule includes many more of those early mornings. I’m not sure what is up with that. 

I didn’t watch either town hall last night, so there will be no commentary from me on that.

 I’m a bit worried, the surrounding Blue States have imposed a quarantine on Indiana because we are extra virousy, I guess. I have an interview next week with a potential real job. The interviewer is coming from out of state. I hope he doesn’t cancel because he will have to quarantine for two weeks when he goes home. 

So how does one State bar citizens from another from freely engaging in interstate commerce? Can a truck driver who stops in Terre Haute not deliver in Marshall? Can the folks from Da Region not go to work in Cook County? 

This is what the executive orders and powers spawned by the pandemic has wrought. A little power corrupts into a lot of assumed power and your Freedom is eroded away. There may be good reasons, but Liberty should always be paramount in any government decision. As the saying goes, Hell is paved with good intentions. 

That’s it, I have dangerously encroached  upon my No Politics Friday policy. See how easy it is to overstep? 

Stop it, Joe

How about some Friday music to lighten the mod?  Let’s mellow out a bit. Enjoy you day.


squeeky's mom said...

Because I fall into the over 70 range I stick with masks . Haven't done any shopping other than groceries but my question for the people in charge is why aren't the grocery workers or Walmart employees or your big box store not a hot bed of virus activity? We've seen that protest and rioting is not conductive to catching the covid. Why?

Greybeard said...

I'm beginning to see fatigue.
Tired of being lied to.
Tired of wearing masks while watching mask wearers come down with WuFlu.
Tired of control.
My only question is, will this spread slowly?
I think it will accelerate.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Like Greybeard said.

and that wasn't politics, it was common sense.

Joe said...

It have to wear a mask at work. I wear one when I go out. Probably doesn’t help. Probably doesn’t hurt anything either.

I’m tired of the rstrictions that don’t seem to have any effect.

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