November 12, 2020

Havya Noticed?

Covid cases are soaring  everywhere. During the run-up to the election we got a constant pounding from the media that alluded to a failure on the part of Trump as the reason. Buried, if mentioned at all, was that cases were on the rise globally. That didn’t fit the narrative. Even the dumbest of Democrats wouldn’t believe Orange Man Bad was causing people to be sick in France or Bulgaria, or wherever. 

Now that the media — not the electoral college or state governments — have declared Biden the victor, we are seeing fewer stories blaming Trump for the Covid increases domestically. 

Why is that? It sets the stage for the Big Excuse come early next year. The media will explain that no President can cause nor heal a virus. We just have to ride it out and wait on a vaccine. And taking a page out of the Obama playbook, Biden will just blame it all on Trump if it does come up. He will wait to do that because he has no different answers, despite his claims to the contrary. It worked for Obama on the economy.

Oh, remember when the media scoffed at the President’s claim a vaccine would be ready in November?

Hey, don’t worry. Joe has a plan to cure the pandemic without destroying the economy. He just won’t tell us yet, because I guess credit is more important than saving lives the next three months. He did say if we all wear masks this would go away. 

In my community, 99% of people are wearing masks, and the Wuhan Flu ain’t going away. Of course if the same people who tell us to skip Thanksgiving and stay out of restaurants and close the schools would quit lauding riots and protests where hundreds are gathering without masks, maybe the situation would improve? I’m looking at you Indianapolis.


Karen said...

Why talk about him anymore. He is hiding and can’t admit he lost and I’m sure thinking about how he can farther corrupt the US prior to him leaving. He never had the US interest at heart, just his own and family personal agenda. A pathetic man. Sad how the republican have/ have not stood up to him. Hopefully over time the US will get out of the hole he left for us. A mans word is worth more than the $$ of the stock market and that is all he is concerned about. Such a liar. Can’t wait to see him out of Office. I put up with his actions and did not say anything for nearly 4 years. Now time for others to do the same.

Joe said...

Hey Karen,

You do understand counting isn’t over? You do understand the actual election is in December? You do remember how Gore gracefully admitted defeat? You do criticize Hillary who still as late as last week claims she was cheated? Do you hypocrite much?

I won’t be quiet. I’ll say what I want and if you don’t like it, well too damn bad.

When your taxes go up, you can shut the hell up
When gas prices soar because we again become net importers of oil, you can shut the hell up
When our jobs disappear because they have gone to illegals, you can shut the hell up
When factories close because we are again sucking at the Chinese teat, you can shut the hell up
When you can’t build a house because of the new “green” regulations make it cost prohibitive, you can shut the hell up
When speech like this is outlawed as “hate speech, then I guess we will both have to shut the hell up

Practical Parsimony said...

Recounts are fine, but does he have to be so vindicative? Did you hear Biden does have a plan?--pay everyone for 4-6 weeks to stay home? No plan is perfect. AND, illegals are NOT taking jobs Americans want. I could say more, but I won't.

Joe said...

“ illegals are NOT taking jobs Americans want. I could say more, but I won't.”

Sorry PP, that is astoundingly ignorant. It is best you don’t say more if you believe that tripe.

If they take any job they are preventing an American from working. Period.

Illegals working for cash suppress wages, cheat the Social Security system, Medicare, and federal, state, and local come tax collections.

That is verifiable fact and basic economics.

Joe said...

I won’t even get into the idiocy of shutting everything down for 6 weeks. Even if you pay people, there won’t be jobs to return to. Small business employs roughly half the US. They cannot survive another shutdown.

Who has the money to stock up on groceries for six weeks? You think there was a run on supplies before.

Whomever is suggesting that needs som common sense knocked into them

Barb said...

The campaign has now lost more than sixty law suits that are election related. The last one having to do with around 100 ballots which will not change the election. You are right. Votes continue to be counted-and the Biden gap continues to widen. Of course, not a one of those lawsuits are in places where Trump is gaining. Either there is fraud or there isn't. Trump has not done a single thing in the last ten days literally except play golf, whine, fire eminently qualified people on a whim, and file lawsuit after lawsuit. As someone who now lives in Texas...the economy is absolutely reliant on immigrant labor and open borders. And for the record, illegal immigrants pay more in taxes than they receive in benefits by far. If you need the official studies i can find you four or five, that subject and refugee rights are in my wheelhouse. They need SS numbers to work but get no benefits back from those SS just for starts. Personally my primary retirement thing is social justice and sponsorship for refugees and can thankfully get back to that work in January.

Joe said...

If an illegal works for cash then he is not paying SS, Medicare, or state, federal, or local income taxes. You know, the FICA stuff. If a roofer hires illegals then he is not paying the employers share of FICA stuff. He is also then able to pay them lower wages because it is still far, far more than ey made in Mexico or Guatemala or wherever. That suppresses wages and keeps Americans from the jobs who might want more money.

Funny how the same people who want a higher minimum wage also encourage illegal immigration that suppresses wages.

I have no issue with legal immigrants.

If you believe that there is not massive SS number sharing and fraud you are crazy.

Your thing is “social justice” .. says it all. I’m glad you can get back to helping people break the law come January.

Joe said...

BTW, the Texas economy seemed to be chugging along just fine with tighter immigration rules pre-Covid, so your claim seems a bit dubious. And please note I’have repeatedly discussed ILLEGAL immigration.

And no country except the US advocates for open borders. Even Mexico has tougher immigration laws.

Anonymous said...

Ladies don't waste your time. He will never see, no matter how many facts you put in front of him. Just know there were millions of sane, rational, decent humans who make choices on humanity and dignity and others that only worry worry about grabbing money to fund the life they want. It's a head banging on a brick wall argument. A lot of his commenters are even more set. So probably should comment some where it will make a difference. This one is set in stone.

Joe said...

Really any mouse?

Just which “fact” have I ignored?

That’s what I thought.

Anonymous said...


These Biden rats just sit around their parents basements "sniffing" out anyone who has morals and values and targets them for abusive comments. The DNC then pays them snack money for sitting at their computers bothering decent working folk.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Oh, look, it's annoying mouse. And other annoying regulars.

Joe's right. This whole thing is ridiculous. It has spun completely out of control and laid bare the fact that our elected public servants are mostly a bunch of control freaks who want us all in chains.

Since most of you seem to be civics-class dropouts (or never took it to begin with), your opinions about Trump, the elections, and our country in general are worth little more than what our country will be worth if the Dems manage to get control again.

Ed Bonderenka said...

She is aptly named Karen.

Ed Bonderenka said...


Joe said...

As for the “shut us all down” for six weeks proposal, the President does not have the power...those pesky bill of rights again. Should he try, the various freedom-loving states will have it court faster than a speeding bullet.

Shopping for friendly federal judges for injunctions works two ways, my freedom-hating friends

glasslass said...

Lived outside Austin for 20+ years. Flea market on highway going towards Houston has a permeant structure where illegals go to get ID and social security cards. Had a Hispanic who was born here and a legal green card holder run various projects. They hired illegals for all the jobs but we paid them the same as any worker but I know for a hard fact that they wired home almost half of what they earned. They would show up early spring and they are great yard sale buyers as they could outfit their families and sell the rest. The ones who actually got a "real" job used the SS# they bought and whoever it belonged to would reap the benefit of having extra money going into their SS as how many actually look to see if their W2 matches the SS amount deposited each year.

Practical Parsimony said...

I live on $805 ss check and I have groceries here now for six weeks. I am not ignorant. Who wants to dig sweet potatoes? If the migrants don't do it here, they will be undug. If you could just realize there are other opinions an not just yours, you could be quite interesting. Other people have areas of expertise, like Barb. I could insult you and your defenders on here, but I am too kind.

I am quite sure the ways illegals use our system to better themselves by hook or crook is nothing compared to how corporations and Trump enrich themselves.

Joe said...

If the employer/farmer paid more then the sweet potatoes will get dug.

Economics is difficult for socialists

BTW, is your hero Biden foregoing his Presidential pay? Trump did.

Melissa said...

These people make my head hurt - I bet if SS checks were affected like the checks of everyone else they wouldn't be for a shut down. England is on their 2nd shut down obviously the first didn't work.

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