November 29, 2020

The Big Kickoff Entry

Happy Sunday, blog friends. It is a chilly, but seasonal, day here at the homestead. There is a forecast for snow on the morrow and again later in the week. I don’t mind, it is that time of year. The place is starting to look festive as the wife has been busy decorating every room, nook, and cranny in holiday splendor.

In other news, I don’t have any. The leftists are girding their loins for a January takeover and we will sit back and see what freedom-usurping policies they impose upon us. 

Enough on that. I’m in a great mood and don’t want to spoil a good cup of coffee with politics.

How about some Christmas music to kick off the Season?

Well too bad, as long as I have the keys to this place I get to choose the content.

Enjoy. Or not. Here is Bing’s version:

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