November 15, 2020

Tomorrow I’ll Miss You

A steady cold rain falls on the homestead grounds this morning. The outside temps are seasonal as I sip coffee and hunt and peck one-fingered on the iPad keyboard. I have to shower and shave and pack a light luncheon in preparation of the early, but not as early as other days, opening shift at the big box this morning. 

The wife suggested it is time to think about dragging the Christmas decorations from the attic. I think it is early, but she wants a head start on her massive redecorating she does every year. A few houses in the neighborhood are already lit up. One house fired up their lights the day after a Halloween. Of course that is the same house that burns Christmas lights until April...

 I don’t know what the wife has in mind, but I am hankering for some fried chicken for supper. Some mashed spuds and white chicken gravy really sound good. 

I had a political commentary half written in my head, but I will torgo it at this point other than to say there are reasons for Trump not to concede the election and reasons why the Democrats and media (redundancy alert) are pushing for it so hard. What would you say if you learned Biden underperformed Hillary in every Blue city except Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Atlanta? The four places with questionable voting in four battleground states. All places with extraordinary turnout and near unanimous votes for Sleepy Joe. Something to think about. 

How about some music to brighten your day?


Ed Bonderenka said...

We live in interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Two factors made the Turnout. one, more people realizing their complacency resulted in hate, division, facism, racism, sexism,lack of truth, respect, and stability...etc... and the second being they didn't get what they thought they were getting. It's not fraud or stealing. It's was disgust and a return to moral character.
Enough with the half baked conspiracies, hateful rhetoric, narcissist, truth warping crap. Enough of the name calling, tear down talk. Enough.

Cappy said...

re Decorations: Think Griswold

re Ananymous: "Shut up", ze explained

B said...


Firstly, your explanation might make sense to a liberal arts DNC supporter, but not to anyone with any statistics knowledge. SO sell your story better or give it up.

Second: You have some chutzpah stating "Enough with the half baked conspiracies, hateful rhetoric, narcissist, truth warping crap. Enough of the name calling, tear down talk. Enough." Just WTF do you think you side has been doing for the pat 4 years? You got 4 years to act like a spoiled 3 year you want things to be different when the positions are sorta reversed? Typical Liberal asshat behavior, that.

Anonymous said...


Joe said...

“Enough with the half baked conspiracies, hateful rhetoric, narcissist, truth warping crap. Enough of the name calling, tear down talk”

Where did I espouse a conspiracy L are facts conspiracy?
What was hateful rhetoric? Anything you don’t agree with?
Narcissism? Really? Cite examples in the post please. Oh other than the entire blog, that’s the nature of he beast.
Truth warping? Cite example in the post please.
Name calling? Sleepy Joe? Is that it? I also use “Trumpster” Orange Man, and others.
Tear down talk? Cite the examples from the post please.

Again, I offered facts. It is something to think about. I certainly offered no conclusions. You jumped to your own.

Enough? I guess you decide, when, and what I should write about? By whose authority did you garner the title arbiter of all blog topics?

If you don’t like what I write, I will gladly refund your money and invite you to take your trade elsewhere.

Joe said...

Dear Anonymous,

Please advise here I should send this week’s blog content for your edification and approval.

Greybeard said...

Her name is Karen.
I don't like Karen.

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