November 7, 2020

when they come acalling

The wife and I have always had this agreement. Should Esther Williams circa 1937 or Catherine Zeta-Jones, or  Elizabeth Montgomery circa 1967 show up at the house exclaiming their need and desire to be with me, the wife will give her hearty consent. Likewise she can have a George Clooney or Thomas Rhett or whomever strikes her fancy these days.

Sorry Catherine Zeta-Jones, but you are out, off the list. Esther, go jump n a lake. Samantha, make yourself disappear. You have all been replaced with my current Hallmark girlfriend:

Lacey Chabert has taken over the number one slot among fantasy celebrity girlfriends.

Running a close second is Autumn Reeser because why not?


Greybeard said...

Your wife agrees to this arrangement because she knows all women are crazy, and you'd pretty quickly tire of "new craziness".
One of my old paramedics used to say:
"It matters not how beautiful she is. Someone out there is REALLY tired of her s*#t."
Wise man, that.

Joe said...

The wife plays along because she knows that

1. The odds of these chicks showing up to my door are about like a 90% turnout in inner city voting with 99.9% of votes for one candidate....whoops never mind that one.

2. I would never go with one of those chicks anyway. I already have the love of my life since I was 16.

But it is fun to pretend

Jean said...

I don't get out much, so where did you find these two?
The second one looks more your type IMHO.

Joe said...

Both have had movie and TV roles, but mostly show up as regulars in movies for the various Hallmark channels

Yes I like MS Reeser’s short curly hair. She just needs to eat an occasional sandwich or something.

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