December 11, 2020

Apple Muffins for Breakfast

The sunrise paints the sky in pinks and pale blues through the bare branches of the trees. It is cold. Not atypical for mid-December. It should warm up nicely this afternoon. 

Here we are on a Friday. Don’t worry, I’ll post some Christmas music. I know that’s why you stopped by. Ha! 

I thought it might be nice to offer a little content too. That is proving difficult.

For the most part I sit down and just start typing my posts. Most of the time what you get is stream of consciousness. “I know”, you say. It normally takes around ten minutes, tops, to compose an entry. “I can tell”, you say. Quit interrupting. Today, I’ve been at it twenty minutes and this is what we have. I know. 

I guess I could opine on politics. My heart isn’t in it. I’m sick of hearing about the Virus 24-7. You don’t want to hear me complain about my Not So Wonderful Life. It won’t do any good anyway. 

I guess the point is I have nothing to offer. Not that I ever did, but in the face of my current life it is just to hard to show up at the old blog. It just may be time to put it out of its misery. 

We shall see.

In the meantime, listen to the marvelous Judy Garland from the great Meet Me in St. Louis. 

“Next year all of our troubles will be out of sight”. Indeed and Amen.

Have a great Friday.


Jackie said...

I think one of the messages of "It's A Wonderful Life" is that you DO have a wonderful life; you just have to SEE that it's wonderful. We all have many blessings that we take for granted that help to make a wonderful life.

Jackie in CA

Jean said...

yeah, but, sometimes the wonderful gets smothered by the other and it can be a real struggle to surface and take in fresh air.

Don't you dare quit the blog.

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