December 6, 2020

Carolling out in the snow

We went with my daughter’s family to see a mighty lght show at the State Fairgrounds last night. It helped stir my latent holiday spirit. The oldest grandgirl enjoyed it immensely. The youngest found viewing from her car seat difficult and it was pushing her bedtime. I am thankful they included us in their family outing.

I have been putting in long hours at the old Big Box. Much work is being ignored at home. The backyard remains half-raked. The days I had off it rained, the clear days I worked. My next day off is Wednesday, perhaps I will get to it then. 

I will miss the local sports ball team play again today. I have the game taped, so please refrain from telling me the score if you see me.

A glance at the upper right of my old iPad tells me I have but 7% battery left. I guess I better wrap this worthless post. Have a great Sunday.

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Cappy said...

Indiana is having a great football season. Best kind of Sportsball.

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