December 26, 2020

Electronic Service Requested

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I did, once again reminding myself it is not about the stuff. We had a great dinner at my daughter's. The Grandgirls had a blast opening and playing with their new toys. My youngest son was there (although his girlfriend was sick at home) and we video chatted with the middle son. It was a great and wonderful day. On Thursday we went up and visited with my dad. I refused to worry or dwell on my problems. It was a great Christmas all around.

It remains cold with temps in the teens and wind chills near zero. A small warm up is expected starting tomorrow. I won't notice. I'll be at work. It has been nice having some days off, but I will be back at it this week. I expect the "returns" cart to be full all day with returned Christmas stuff: used displays and lights, unwanted goods, and equipment purchased by doing-their-best to choose the right gift spouses. 

Yeah, I said used lights and displays. People are horrible and amazingly dishonest. It breaks my heart to see what people are capable of. It would never occur to me to buy something, use it, and take it back to the store. I am so naive. 

Onc group of people who never fail to live up to my low expectations are the politicians that run our government. The corrupt men and women of both parties once again have decided to load a simple bill to help out the American people with tons of pork, including foreign aid. Nothing like borrowing money to give to someone else. Finally, at the end, the Government purse strings were opened enough to return a grudging pittance to the taxpayers. 

I have said often that every elected politician needs to get a required tattoo on the back of their right hand that reads "That is someone else's money" . It would need to be painfully re-done every time they win an election. Oh well, I'm sure once they got into office the corrupt pricks would find a way to avoid it, make money off of it, or dump the responsibility on someone else. 

See, there we go veering into politics and ruining the good vibe I had built up.

Have a great Saturday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I am being robbed.
I won't ignore it because it's a holiday or holy day.
I'm glad you have a furnace.
May God bless you and keep you these holidays and the year to come.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Joe, they'd just learn to write with their left hands.

Or dictate.

But the dirty little secret is politicians, as a rule, don't care what they have to do to get re-elected. And they ignore everything they had to do to get re-elected once they're safely ensconced back in their offices and living large on the public pelf.

I still think we need to hold an election and execute all the winners, then hold another election and execute all those winners, and then have a third election and tell all the candidates, "Do you understand that we mean it?"

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