December 9, 2020

I came, I saw, I lost

Rejected yet again by another potential employer. At this point I fear I will work retail the rest of my life. I have been out of meaningful work for 18 months.  I will be 59 in March. I think I have become unhireable. I can’t get factory work because I am “overqualified “. I can’t get entry level white collar work because employers fear I will leave for a better job when one becomes available. I can’t get what I normally do because Covid, age, and extended unemployment. I think potential hiring managers ask, “what have I missed that no one else will hire this guy?”.  I’m at a loss as the eroding economic situation at home starts to collapse like an avalanche. It was slowly crumbling for the past few months and is starting to really roll now. I expect everything to crash in a destructive loss of all in the next couple of months. 

Despite the above paragraph, I know I am blessed far above my deserving. I somehow am keeping a glimmer of faith that it is all going to work out. You didn’t come here to read about my problems. You have your own.

I’m off work today. There are a hundred projects that need done from changing the furnace filter to raking the soggy leaves to cutting some big branches that have fallen from the slowly dying big willow. And trying to figure a way to pay a pile of bills. That too.

I’m down today. Sorry to burden you with my problems. I have to unload somewhere and anonymously on the interwebz seems as good a place as any. 


Cappy said...

I wish you well, Joe.

Get into your 60's, have a couple health problems or slow down, they will run you out of the place. True in IT. True in teaching.

Practical Parsimony said...

You have good reason to be down today. Tommy was in his 50s when his business closed and he ended up working Sam's Club for the rest of his employment. Then, his Sam's closed, too. He was old enough to collect ss and retire with disability. Does your wife work?

Cheryl said...

I am sorry employers look at age and not experience. If there is a Costco near you I have read they are great to work for. I hope something opens up soon.

Barb said...

Its awful. The age discrimation out there. I have a sister in the same position. Not orking retail but part time at home jobs in the twelve buck range after working in the newspaper field as a professional for decades.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Pretty soon, this crash is gonna impact social security.

Midwest Chick said...

I understand exactly where you are. Got to the third interview on a job and no dice. It's getting documented that anyone over 50 is having a really tough time. It's hard not be discouraged. I'm just putting my head down and plugging away but some days are harder than others.

Jean said...

Job market has been anti-over 50 since 2008.
Sorry you're going through this crap.
Sending you positive vibes.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest starting your own business or becoming an independent contractor in your field. Time to get in control and not wait for some one to give you a job. You can start by creating a side gig in some interest you have as a business. Use the Internet for your research as well as for your marketing. Time to make it happen.

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