December 30, 2020

Winding Down


Internet troubles abound so I’m typing this on my trusty little phone. That is far from optimum. The things I do half-arsed for you

The year is winding down and good riddance  I may or may not have a year end review post for you on the morrow. 

I won’t, but I may wish you a happy New Year

I have the very early shift at work so at some point I’ll post. Maybe

In case I don’t, Happy New Year and my heartfelt thanks for reading this almost-daily drivel


Cappy said...

Happy New Year HB.

hey teacher... said...

I see, not even a happy birthday toot on my birthday tomorrow! Please return my renewal check that is currently in the mail, (when last tracked, it was in El Segundo). And you can forget about that subscription to the jelly of the month club. Your loss, the first month was KY.

Unknown said...

Never heard of Kentucky jelly.
Happy New Year everyone. May 2021 be a kinder year.
Jon Moore

Jean said...

Happy New Year, Joe.

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