February 21, 2021

Do you remember?

Once upon a time there was a huge, once in a hundred years natural disaster. Weather played havoc with electric power and people ran out of food, water, and everyday basic needs. The President was universally condemned for his failure to respond in a timely manner as it took a few days to declare a Federal Emergency and get FEMA involved. The Katrina deaths were blamed on President Bush and we still mark the anniversary in some circles every year.

Remember when President Buden* was held to the same standard as people die in weather ravaged Texas? 

Yeah, me neither.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

No, they'd rather blame Cruz for going to Cancun.

Not that he couldn't do anything from Cancun that he could have done on the ground in Texas. What did they expect him to do, wave his hands and suddenly the sun would come out and melt all the ice off of the solar panels and windmill blades?

Texas needs a) nukes and b) to get on a regional grid instead of trying to go it alone.

And that sometimes-idiot governor they have needs to back out of all the green energy bullshit he promoted, stat.

Unknown said...

His name was on the list to be kicked around. That's all it is.

Barb said...

Texas has nuclear power plant. It's in the gulf of Mexico and I would say the idiots in charge were too cheap to winterize both it and the wind turbines which function fine in Antarctica, but it would only be fair to also day one doesn't expect arctic temperatures in the gulf and that the last time this happened was the 2011 superbowl when I foolishly drove front Denver to Dallas thinking the bigger D would be milder. And yes. They need to getbtheir assess out of their elbows and join the national grid. And change their policy of not buying reserves ahead of time.

Barb said...

And green energy had no effect on this one except for the fact that the idiots in charge didn't einteruze the wind turbines that are 10 percent of the energy down south.. the things work year around on the north Dakota plain as do oil drills. Which also froze in Texas. My geologist brother still in Colorado who is pro oil just texts me every day with something else down here that's kind of a "why the fuck did they do that" moment.

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