March 28, 2021

Ordinary Average Guy

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down to the keyboard to write. An author should write about something he knows. The thing is, I don’t want to write non fiction. I don’t have the patience nor the time for the endless research. Besides, real historians have covered any topic I might find interesting ad nauseam.

If I look to my own life, I find little inspiration. I am truly the epitome of the ordinary average Joe. I wasn’t picked on in high school. Prom was nothing special; a dance in the high school cafeteria where I wore a rented tux. I wasn’t scorned by the popular kids, nor was I one of them. I got along with the jocks and the band geeks.

I can’t sing. I can’t play an instrument. I’m not an athlete. I was never the fastest, nor the slowest runner. I wasn’t the first one picked when teams were chosen. I certainly wasn’t the last one picked either. 

My home life and childhood was good. I had loving parents who gave me what they could and supported me in every way. 

I got slightly better than average grades in school. I had a girlfriend. I had a good time in college but was rather anonymous. 

I have three kids, a wife and a middle class existence. 

I am, like you, a perfect nobody. An average guy, living in the Midwest. Hardly the inspiration for the next great American novel. I live the “Seinfeld” of lives.

I can cook all the dishes your Mom prepared when you were a kid. I probably make them just as good, but not better. I can do basic home repair, but no more. 

I probably traveled more than most, unless you were in the military. 

I often joke that I would have been voted Most Forgettable in high school, but no one could remember my name. 

Heck, even this little-read blog is anonymous. 

I live the average life. I’m like you. There is no “It’s a Wonderful Life” story about me. I didn’t touch anyone’s life. I haven’t done good in the community. I’ve inspired no one. I’m good with that. 

It just makes for boring.


Practical Parsimony said...

That is an excellent piece of writing. Aren't you glad you were happy and ordinary. Most of us do not have stories to tell.

Cheryl said...

I read your blog because your just a normal man. You probably are well liked , people can count on you, and your valued at work. I don't want to read about people living a life I'll never have.

Jackie said...

That's the point of "It's a Wonderful Life"--we all touch people that we never think about and realize that we made a difference in their lives. I, too, am an incredibly average person, except I live in CA in the Los Angeles area and not the Midwest (though I was born in Terre Haute, Indiana!), but I'm sure that I have impacted people that I'm not aware of.
Never think that you are not an amazing person!
Jackie in CA

Ed Bonderenka said...

Like Jackie said.

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