March 19, 2021

Shots in the arm and bank account

 I was vaccinated for the Chinese Flu yesterday. So far, I have suffered no ill effects. I am tired, bored, surly, and anxious. That, thankfully(?), is my normal demeaner. And sarcastic. I tend to be a little sarcastic occasionally. I know, you find that surprising, right?

Somehow, the * Administration is shocked to learn that saying they are going to open the borders and giving a Price Is Right-type "Illegal Aliens, Come on Down" shout-out creates a giant backlog of people trying to break into the country. Well, duh.*

The good news is we got our stimulus check, The bad news is that it went to the car loan, the electric bill, the gas bill, and the water bill. There I go stimulating the economy with my grandkids future earnings. I desperately need a new pair of decent shoes. I walk about 30 miles a week and that wears down running shoes fast. I bought the current pair of black Adidas in the fall of 2018. They are worn out inside. A new pair of something is in the works. Soon. Perhaps this weekend. 

*that would be sarcasm


Cappy said...

Second free government Hertz Donut coming up next Wednesday.

Jean said...

A new pair of shoes for your birthday tomorrow sounds like a great idea.
Have you tried Sketchers? VERY comfy, durable, priced around $65.

Happy Birthday.

Cheryl said...

We will be having more fun with our stimulus money. We're putting in a french drain that is very much needed. Hey did you hear Biden feel up the steps of Air force one today at least 2 times? No, either did the news outlets like politico and NYTS.

Joe said...

Cheryl that sounds expensive

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