March 3, 2021


My son arrived from Denver on Friday night. We put him back on a plane Monday evening. It was great to have him home, I just wish it was under different circumstances. We had a nice cookout at my daughter's house Sunday. It was great to have the whole family together. Too bad my youngest son had to work. We did gather, everyone, for lunch after the funeral on Monday. That was far less festive. 

I am working the midday shift most of this week. I don't mind that; getting off at 6 or 7. Friday, I close. Working until 11 stinks, but I appreciate the hours. It looks like I am going to start putting in some time in a different department. I am not sad about that. My current job includes lots of heavy lifting. Lots. Coming home less sore and tired would not be a bad thing. I guesstimate I lifted about a ton and a half yesterday, for reference. Though I am often prone to exaggeration, that is not hyperbole. On the other hand, the physical nature of the job has brought on muscle definition I haven't seen since 1980-something. You know me, I am always look on the bright side kind of guy.

I am.

The wife picked me up after work yesterday and we had to make a quick stop at the grocery. When we got home I threw a couple of thin ribeye steaks on the grill, marinated for about 15 minutes in Dales Sauce
Throw that guy on a bun and it was a quick easy delicious supper. 

Otherwise, I have nothing, per usual.

Have a great whatever day this is.


Cheryl said...

I am sorry I am late regarding my condolences about your dad. I started to read that post and had to stop. I went through that with my mom, in laws, and sister in law and have a real hard time dealing with it. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

Practical Parsimony said...

Muscles are always good. Tommy really has muscles since he started using a walker. It is impressive. But, having fewer aches at the end of the day will be good, too.

Joe said...

Thanks Cheryl

Cappy said...

Dale Gribble has a sauce. Who knew?

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