March 7, 2021

Thanks for the Quarter, Scrooge McDuck

It is a sunny, chilly Sunday. I'm ensconced here in the office on a rare weekend day off doing my son's taxes. Easy, peasy, plug in the numbers and let the software do the work. Classic rock plays in the background.

I helped the wife clean the house earlier, after watching an old movie this morning. Ho hum, ho hum, boring, boring. OK, no more repetitive words, I promise. 

The Senate just voted through a big porked-up Covid bill. Thanks to my granddaughters and great granddaughters and great great grandkids for their generosity. I could use the money. Of course people making almost $200,000 a year are all gushing with "look what I did for you" pride by giving Americans a whopping $1,400. That is about 1/2 of Nancy Pelosi's WEEKLY salary that's paid for by you and I.

Oh, and in the bill prisoners and illegals get a check too.  Inmates really need that cash to spur the economy, catch up on their bills, and I don't know. Also, as a special bonus Federal Workers (go Union!) will get FIFTEEN WEEKS of paid time over and above their generous vacation and sick leave if they have to deal with the Covid in even an abstract way. Some public transportation pork was thrown in for California and New York, because clearly that is a Covid-related expense. And we are going to help bail out tax-heavy, spend-heavier Blue states and municipalities with their expenses, because after all, it is my fault and your fault out here in flyover country that the Blue Staters have had a harder time of things than us rubes in the hinterlands. And we are going to give a ton of money to schools that are not open because...they need it, dammit. You are welcome. But hey, you and I are gonna get enough free money to maybe cover one month's mortgage and groceries, if we skimp. Thanks! 

If the Feds took that 1.9 trillion and divided it by the population of the US every one of us would get about $5,700 bucks.  Probably twice that if the income criteria from the porked up Corona virus bill was applied. Feel good about that $1,400 now?

Thank goodness we have a new era of cooperation and reaching across the aisle now that Biden* is not tweeting mean stuff like Orange Man Bad. It is just a coincidence I am sure the vote was taken when one of the Republican Senators had a family emergency and wasn't present to vote...

Yes, it is Sarcastic Sunday here at the old blogspot in case you missed it.

edit. I just looked at my stats for the first time in a week or two. What the heck, Sweden? I can't believe the land of ABBA sent more visitors here than the United States. You 'Murcans better get on the ball and click this here site more often. And don't go blaming my lack of posts, either. Sven and Oloff do not seem to care. 


Practical Parsimony said...

We are here.

Cappy said...

Cleveland teachers vaccinated ahead of seniors, still too chickenshit to go back into the classroom. Teachers in other districts heading back. Guess the vaccine works better on vertebrates.

Maybe line jumping should be an Olympic event.

Jackie said...

I live in CA, one of the "blue" states, I guess, though I was born in Indiana.
And unless you are or have been a teacher, please don't call them "chickenshit." Dealing with up to 150 kids a day (if you teach high school) can expose you to MANY illnesses, not just Covid. If there is a vaccine available for Covid, teachers should have it before they go back into the classroom, for their own protection and the protection of their coworkers and students.
Believe me, after a year of online teaching, NO ONE wants to get back to regular in person school more than teachers do, but we don't want to risk our
own health to do it.
Sorry--it just touched a nerve with me!
Jackie in CA

Joe said...

Jackie my daughter is a teacher (actually a principal now). My wife was a teachers aide for 14 years

Never did I say anything about teachers, but rather why are we giving money to closed schools.

Schools have been open here for a good while. It can be done.

Cappy said...

Jackie, the Cleveland teachers are chickenshit. I have pointed out in my comment that teachers in other districts in Ohio, almost every district have gotten the shot and headed back into the classroom.

Therefore, the Cleveland teachers are not only chickenshit but also greedhead line jumpers.

squeeky's mom said...

We are a county of 37,500 people in Ky and our public schools have been open since Sept. 2020. So far no teacher or students have gotten covid. County has a covid level each week and if it exceeds that number they close and go back to on-line. None of our teachers have been vaccinated yet.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Swedish users are probably US users on VPNs using SE servers 😎

Jackie said...

Joe and Cappy: thanks for the clarification. Here in LA, my school (a private K-12 Armenian school) has just opened for grades K-2 per county guidelines. So far, it seems to be going well. We would like to open for middle and high school but do not have the physical space to social distance the kids. We also have some parents who do not want to bring their kids back to physical school, so the teachers still have to teach online as well.
As for your Swedish visitors, Joe, that just shows your universal appeal!! :)

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