April 19, 2021

But I would walk five hundred miles

Actually, it was 45 miles I walked this week at work, Wednesday through Sunday. I have no idea how much weight I lifted. I need today off. Thankfully, the schedule says I have it. 

In light of the coming unrest and race riots in (your city here), I thought I would share some interesting facts.  

in 2020, police shot and killed 457 black suspects as compared to 241 white and 169 Hispanic suspects. That’s literally more than both of those minority categories combined. In 2017 the difference was even more stark. 457 black suspects were shot and killed, compared to 223 white and 179 Hispanic suspects. Source

Ok, I edited the quote. I switched “black” and “white” everywhere the words appear. In truth, police killed white suspects at nearly twice the rate of black suspects and more than black and Hispanic suspects combined. That is for sure not the narrative you see in today’s “everyone is racist” media. 

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The fact is the sheer volume black-on-black crime is why blacks account for a higher percentage of criminal activity than their percentage of the population might suggest.

Personally, I blame Lyndon Johnson and his not-so "Great Society" for all of the problems in the black community today. Blacks want to know why their communities are so screwed up? They should read some history and find out it was Johnson who allegedly said, "I'll have those ******* voting Democratic for the next 200 years."

And it doesn't matter if he said it or not -- it was certainly clear from the way he governed.

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