April 13, 2021

Topical Tuesday

 It is a new day. Not a different day, just a new one. The birds are chirping with enthusiasm in the backyard. I can hear the heavier sounds of traffic on the nearby “numbered” street that fronts my backyard. There are many, many more cars and trucks than normal since traffic is detoured along this stretch due to a construction closure of the main artery. Getting in, and particularly getting out, of the neighborhood has become difficult. So it goes, I chose to move to the ‘burbs. 

The Cubs offensive woes continue. I’m pretty sure a group of random minor leaguers could likely match the anemic .147 batting average the team has posted. They won’t win many games with four hits and 10 strikeouts. When you average about one run a game, a bad inning by a starter or reliever spells certain doom. 

The team will be broken up soon anyway. The Rickets have discovered what Wrigley and the Tribune knew; there is no need to put a good product on the field, fans will watch and attend and buy the merchandise win or lose, so why spend the big bucks on star players?

I’m off work today. The lawn is finally dried out from the weekend rain. It is time to drag out the mower. After the lawn is done I need to spray some weed killer to knock down the dandelions that spread from the neighbors on either side. 

I have a long list of landscaping projects from the wife. Bushes need to be removed in front and replaced by something not overgrown and half dead. New mulch laid. She wants me to remove a couple of lilacs from near the patio. It seems my random days off work are going to be filled with work. 

No politicians were attacked or harmed in this Post.

Have a great Tuesday. 


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Besides, it's only five years since they won the Series. We'll be comfortably dead before they win it again.

Cappy said...

Go back and harm some politicians.

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