July 24, 2021

First you love me

Saturday is finally here, and I am happy for more than one reason. We are off today to hang with friends at their pool. I won’t be able to enjoy the cool waters, but I will luxuriate vicariously while sipping cold beers and smoking large stogies lovingly rolled between the thighs of nubile Carribean Queens. Shutup, I have my fantasy. Who wants to imagine they are poking a stick of tobacco leaves in their mouth rolled between the stained gnarled fingers of an old toothless crone?

My first week is in at big call center. Training galore. I can’t say I like it much. That’s why I get paid to do it. There are not too many jobs offering big salaries to sit around reading, watching movies, and tossing down popcorn, diet Dr Pepper and red licorice. It’s more money than Big Box Retail, and slightly less odious hours, so I’m better off.  There are still a few opportunities for outside sales on the burner. I can only hope. At this point since I can neither walk nor drive, a fast resolution is not in my best interest. 

We need to get a resident handyman. The yard needs mowed. Additional chicken wire needs strung to keep the rabbits out of the garden. The little bastards have eaten every tomato on the lower branches. A shelf collapsed in the wife’s closet yesterday. The builder used those cheap wire shelves and didn’t bother putting the support arms into studs. Of course it is the one up high. I’m not sure I can reach it to fix it without standing on a ladder. If so, that’s a task I’m not ready to attempt one-legged. I might manage if I can reach it standing on the floor.

I haven’t been up to survey the damage yet. Of course if she didn’t overload the shelving....I might as well argue with the tomato stealing rabbits.

I don’t want any of this to sound like complaining because I’m not. Stuff happens and you deal with it. Life is good. We all have problems. I just get to whine about mine here. See, life is good. 

Have a great Saturday.

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Cheryl said...

Sound good. Hope the foot heals quickly.

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