October 23, 2021

Maudlin Memories

I think fall has settled in. I find myself in a jacket every day as I head in to work. Leaves are turning throughout the neighborhood. A bit late, I think. 

I’m a little gloomy this morning. It was on this date in 2018 that my mommy passed away. I miss her every day. Just the other day something happened and I thought, “mom would get a kick out of that”. Alas, she probably saw it in heaven. On the other hand, I have to think sitting around watching a tv screen with my life playing out has to be more boring even than watching bowling. So probably not. I do know they better allow smoking in heaven or Mom just might not go. Perhaps she just has to step outside the gates to light one up with Peter or something. 

I’ve mentioned before way down on my list of phone mail recordings is a message from my mother that she left in July of 2018. It is nothing important; just telling me if I am in town to pick up some tomatoes from her garden. I must have mentioned I might drop by on the way home from a business trip. Anyway, it is good to hear her voice. 

We see what we want sometimes. Yet I cannot help to notice parts of my mom’s personality in my granddaughters. The oldest one’s penchant for organizing and planning everything (straight from her mom too BTW) and the youngest girls sassy attitude and good humor. Both are strong-willed, a trait that runs straight and deep from my grandfather to my mom to me and right down through the generations. 

Anyhow, life goes on. I think I am going to try and go for a short walk through the neighborhood this morning. I need the exercise and my foot is finally down to mild pain and very little swelling by the end of the day. That could be attributed to finally healing or to the fact I’m am sitting on my butt most of the time. A couple of miles on the sidewalk will let me know how things are before I go back to the surgeon for a follow-up visit Monday. I do know I cannot walk fast and I do have a slight limp still. Habit or necessity? Time will tell.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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