May 28, 2022

Hold out the morning that comes into view

After a rainy couple of days this morning dawns bright and clear. My store brand Kona coffee is hot. The day lily in back has pumped out a bloom already. 

We ventured out to the cinema last night to watch the Top Gun sequel. It was worth waiting more than 30 years to see for sure. Yes, the plot is unrealistic, and we again have a too long and unnecessary shirtless scene of the pilots playing football on the beach, and the objective sure sounds a lot like Luke dropping a bomb on he Death Star, but who cares? Baby I was entertained! This sequel was every bit as good as the original. Plus we had movie popcorn. 

Alan White the long-time drummer for Yes passed yesterday. He provided the beat for the progressive kings for forty years. Before that he drummed for John Lennon and the Plastic Ono band as well as providing services as a studio musician. The rock icons of my youth are dying off. But then I look in the mirror and my reflection reminds me I’m not so young anymore. 

Anyway, here is some live Yes from ‘72 right after White joined the band:

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