July 6, 2022

We all scream

As is often the case in summer, July in particular, it has been hot. Temps cracked 100F yesterday. The heat index was around 110. At nine o’ clock last night the heat index was still over 100F. I suspect it was hot at your house too. 

I have one of these ice cream makers. It does a pretty good job and is way easier than dragging out my old-fashioned one with the salt and ice and mess. It makes enough for the two of us plus some to stash in the freezer for tomorrow. It would be a great treat n this heat.

A few weeks ago I thought I would make some ice cream. The center container, the place where the magic happens, wasn’t there in the garage freezer where it is always kept. 

I vaguely remembered removing it over the winter to make room for meat after a big shopping trip when I got my new job. OK. Where did I put it? 

It wasn’t in the box with the other components. It wasn’t on the storage shelf next to the garage refrigerator. It wasn’t anywhere in the garage. 

Didn’t we loan it to my daughter last fall for a party? Yes. She sent it home, the evidence is in the motor, paddle, and lid in the box in the garage. 

I have looked in every cabinet and storage closet in the house. I’ve been searching for nearly a month.

It is not here. 

I want some homemade ice cream. What did you do with my freezer? 

I guess I’m going to have to go buy another ice cream maker.


glasslass said...

You know that if you buy a new one and make ice cream the next day the old one with hurt feelings will show up. Happens every time. :)

Practical Parsimony said...

When the old one surfaces, you will have the capability to make enough for company.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

We have one of those, but danged if I know where it is. Probably in a box down in the garage.

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