August 11, 2022


Drug giant Eli Lilly has publicly castigated the State of Indiana for daring to follow the will of its voters and passing abortion legislation. I guess they want more baby killing. Of course the statement failed to mention the new law is not drastically different than what was the standard under Roe v Wade. It was all about sending signals to stockholders and a select group of women. No company wants protesters outside the gates, and let’s be honest, who is more likely to rant and shout and go into hysterics, pro abortion groups or anti? 

Mostly, the statement was just fluff. As indicated yesterday*, companies exist to make money. Period. There is no chance Lilly will pack up their HQ on Indy’s near south side and move off to high-tax Illinois or New Jersey no matter how welcoming those governors are, nor how free and easy it is to kill babies right up to the point of birth, as long as it is more business friendly right here in backward Hoosierdom. 

None. Ask Boeing and Cat why they left Illinois. 

Similarly, if Eli Lilly offered a nice wage and benefits package, few potential employees are going to refuse the job because they can only get an abortion prior to ten weeks in Indiana instead of 15 somewhere else. I am willing to bet that abortion falls far below the other considerations like community, property costs, commutes, and job satisfaction. 

Look, I get there are reasons not to move to the Midwest. No mountains or beaches and the crappy weather are just a few. I doubt abortion law is a deal breaker 99.999999999% of the time. 

* I know TL/DR


Cappy said...

Don't forget the main drawback to the Midwest: Michigan is in it.

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I just read a review of a book titled “American Made: What Happens To People When Work Disappears”. I have not yet read it, but wondered if you have and, if so, your opinion. It seemed to me the subject matter is right in your wheelhouse. Have a good weekend. Ginger

Joe said...

No Ginger, I’ve not read it.

I’ll have to check in to it

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