October 7, 2022

A drunk pretending to be a poet

I stayed up and watched what might have been the worst football game I have ever seen. What garbage. If the Colts weren’t playing, I would have turned it off. 

Say, did you hear about the Italian chef who died? 

He pasta way.

Yeah, I’m tired and I have a lot of work to do. 

Tip of the fedora to Cappy who went back in time to 2006 to comment on a post about the worst President ever with a vote for Biden. 

Enjoy your Friday.

* the title is how a Rolling Stone editor described the Doors’ Morrison


glasslass said...

In this year (can't pinpoint any closer) you posted a chapter you had written sometime back. I haven't gotten those words out of my mind yet. You really should think about in your spare time (lol) maybe think about finishing it. Anyway could you just point me to a month when posted and then I'll find it. Would like to bookmark it.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember what it was about?

I’ve published several short fiction pieces over time

And thanks

Anonymous said...

Turned the crappy non game off early. James Okd Guy

Barb said...

Everybody just wants to swap players and see if they can be the Rams. Dunno if you gained anything with Matt but do far Russell is not an improvement and someone needs to fire the coach. A week ago.

glasslass said...

Remote cabin in woods, sniper and maybe takes a very long shot, doable but not by many. Packs up and drives away. Any recollection? Nothing humorous.

Anonymous said...

Yes I will find it. I know the one. I wrote that in 1991 or 1992. Give me a day or two

Joe said...


Here you go Glasslass

glasslass said...

Thank you so much, it's in my bookmarks. You really ought to be thinking about writing this story. For what that's worth, nothing, but I have written various chapters in my mind at odd times.

Joe said...


Thanks. There are actually a couple of more chapters in a notebook somewhere. I often write what I think are good starts, but I don’t really have that storyteller gene, but guess., since stuff just Peters out.

I may republish a couple more in the coming weeks.

glasslass said...

Maybe when you retire take some writing courses. You had a great start with this one and am look forward to the rest. Thanks again.

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