May 30, 2023

all about the Feelz

A little known secret is that Indianapolis has a higher murder rate per capita than Chicago. The evening news is nightly filled with reports of shootings. It also has a prosecutor who refuses to charge any but the most heinous felonies. In case you could not guess, Indianapolis is run by Democrats. 

The city used to have a fun and vibrant downtown, including a mall. It was relatively safe. Then Joe Hogsett became mayor. 

Now Hogsett is running for re-election. He promised he would only serve two terms, but I guess he lied since he is trying for a third term. The cornerstone of his current campaign is passing massive gun control laws in the city, which is encompasses virtually all of Marion County. Hogsett has not yet revealed the details, but it appears he will be after the Democrat dog whistle “assault weapons”. Except rifles are used in a tiny fraction of crimes in Marion County. But whatever.

There is one huge problem with the Democrat plan. Indiana is a preemption State, meaning the State Legislature decides gun laws and localities cannot have their own gun restrictions. So Hogsett’s plan is to pass an illegal law and then spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars fighting the preemption laws in court. Marion County will pay tax dollars in legal fees twice, for the city to challenge the laws, and for the state to defend the law. All so the Democrats can feel better that they tried to do something.

How about strictly enforcing  the existing laws instead of punishing the law abiding? There is an idea. Start with charging to the full extent of the law any felon caught possessing a firearm? And no plea deals on those charges? 

The whole idea, even if somehow passed and made into law and surviving a court challenge, is unworkable since any would-be criminal could drive twenty miles in any direction and legally purchase a gun.

It hope the mayor’s latest Democrat pipe dream is enough to roust the remaining Republican voters and enough independents and purple democrats to vote this tyrant from office. 


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

First of all, there are no Republicans left in Indianapolis, so far as I can tell. Certainly not in my township. They've all drained out to the suburbs, which are fast becoming nasty, dense, built-up places full of roundabouts and idiots who keep voting for more deficit spending for all that building. For instance, Carmel, where I took my life in my hands driving self and wife last night to go to a friend's daughter's graduation party.

Second, Hogsh*t's idea is going to be thrown out so hard, it'll land in China -- or possibly in low earth orbit. Not only is this a pre-emption state (and the City-County Council has already been apprised of that some years ago when they tried an end run to ban assault weapons), but judges throughout the country are increasingly finding their hands tied on attempts to ban weapons by the trifecta of Heller-McDonald-Bruen. So he can take a ban to court all he wants; in the end it won't stand scrutiny.

Even in ILLINOIS they can't manage to get these things to stand up in court. "Sorry, my hands are tied by Bruen," is the most recent refrain of the judges.

Third, Hogsh*t's promise not to run for a third term? Democrats lie. But remember, even Peterson couldn't BS the public enough to get a third term. Not that Ballard was any great Republican replacement.

Face it; Indianapolis is fast becoming a combination of Chicago and Detroit -- the worst parts, I mean.

Cappy said...

Should have gone with Shackelford

Joe said...

Indeed Fuzzy

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