June 7, 2023

That old guy across the street came over today

The wife’s day lilies are starting to bloom. The pop of bright yellow always makes me smile. There are buds on the tiger lilies, those plants I can see. That flower bed in the back is getting swallowed by weeds and stray mulberries and is in need of serious work. I should have pruned and dug in the fall and weather and laziness prevented it and now that flowerbed is just ugly. Maybe this weekend. I will have to trample some of the flowers to get at the weeds. There is some kind of metaphor there, but now we are back to that laziness thing. 

One of my neighbors sold his house and moved last month. He was the longest resident of the cul-de-sac and they were a great family. Some new people moved in. They appear to be a young couple; late twenties, early thirties. Yesterday while grabbing the mail I saw the wife out moving her trash cans from the curb. I sauntered over to introduce myself.

Close your jaw and get rid of that shock face. Yes, I attempted to be neighborly. 

I told her I was Joe and welcome to the neighborhood. She said nice to meet you. She never offered her name or anything. I uttered some nonsense about it being a good neighborhood as she stared at me with disinterest. I told her I work from home if she ever needs anything. It was a total throw away statement implying neighborliness. She said no, her husband works from home too. Dismissed. Ok then. I walked back home. Message received. 

Boy, are the new neighbors going to be surprised when the whole court stages a Fourth of July block party in a few weeks. 

A mea culpa. I did not put up a D-Day post yesterday. It is one of the few times in this old blogs history I did not mark the occasion. WTH, Joe?

Edit. Said new neighbor is out there at 7:30 AM mowing his yard. I don’t find that too neighborly, either. 


Cappy said...

If rainbow lettered yard signs crop up, move immediately.

Jean said...

Sounds like the new folks are loners.

Practical Parsimony said...

She may have been wary of a guy talking to her. Who knows that her husband may be the jealous type. My husband would have said I did something to entice a guy to walk all the way across the street and I was up to something.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Young folks are, by and large, jerks.

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