December 15, 2019

Conspiring by the fire

Life continues apace with the drama and heartache we have all come to expect.

The weather nerds have offered up a winter storm watch and I suspect the SnowTeamScareTeam is prepared to go into all-out coverage in the next 24 hours. When did a couple inches of snow become a winter storm? I am ready to see intrepid looking reporters bundled into station-branded parkas standing next to just barely damp roads watching for the first flakes to fall in weather that may hover around freezing.

The local football team plays on Monday, so no games for me today. Decorating is done and there are no funds for Christmas gift shopping. I guess I’ll sit and read, nap, and watch movies today. A real lazy Sunday. Perhaps I will muster the gumption to take a walk.

I see our favorite angry girl Greta has gone full on liberal and threatened to line up those who oppose her against a wall. I’m not surprised. The left has used murder to further their ambitions since before the French Revolution. Should she carry out her idealistic urges, she will just be another in a long line of progressives like Robespierre, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Polpot, Castro,  and the rest. Communism: so popular they had to build a wall to keep the capitalists out. It must be exhausting to be so angry all of the time. How do you lefties do it?

And there you have it, another soporific entry into the archives. Enjoy your a Sunday.

December 14, 2019

Partee! 🎂

Saturday. Party day. My oldest granddaughter is celebrating her 5th birthday today (her actual birthday is Monday). My daughter will have a house full of kids; neighbors, school chums, and friends along with their parents. It will be loud and crazy. Fifteen or twenty 4,5, and 6 year-olds will be like a kid tsunami.

December 13, 2019

Dear Greta

I hear you are so sad Trump criticized you in a tweet. Everyone is rushing to your support. "You are just a child" they exclaim. You feel bullied.

I tell you what, don't presume to lecture adults and they won't treat you in kind. Don't pretend to enter into a grown-up arena and no one will bully you.

If you want to be a big fish, then there are consequences.

When you presume to bully the world, do not be surprised when someone pushes back.

Or you can just shut up, go home and cry into an eco-friendly blankie.

December 12, 2019

The moon shines bright

A bright full moon shines white through the bare branches of the maple tree in the front yard. It is cold. Not January cold, but chilly nonetheless. The grandgirls will arrive shortly. I'm groggy this morning because I stayed up late reading last night. Somehow I still managed to wake up before the wife's alarm chirps her awake.

The moon and the neighbor's Christmas lights inspire me to throw up a holiday tune; one of my favorites. I hope you don't mind.

December 10, 2019

Impeachment reconsidered

After listening to the Democrat news conference this morning I have decided to re-examine my position on the matter of impeachment.

Clearly, the Republican Party needs to reconsider their opposition and failure to act in the face of what has been described as malfeasance and high crimes and misdemeanors.

When the President works with a foreign nation to aid in his re-election bid, that is impeachable..

When a President claims Executive Privilege and refuses to release documents or allow administration officials to testify before Congress, that is obstruction of justice and an impeachable offense.

Yes, I am talking about Congress' failure to impeach Obama for promising "more flexibility in negotiations" with Russia if they do nothing to thwart his re-election bid (also known as quid pro quo). And the claims of executive privilege and refusal to hand over documents in the Fast and Furious and IRS targeting scandals.

Clearly the GOP should have used their power to impeach President Obama based on the logic and reasoning behind the Articles leveled at President Trump.

Of course that is ridiculous. Presidents do politics. No sane person tries to abet his own political lynching, and no matter how hard they spin, Nancy and company have nothing except a serious case of butthurt they lost to a crass political outsider. Are we really to take seriously people like Maxipad Waters who insisted she would get Trump impeached before he was even sworn in? sure, that is an unbiased committee chair.

Be careful, at some point the situation is going to be reversed and boy are the Democrats gonna hate, hate, hate the new standards.

And the beat goes on

Happy Tuesday blog friends. Yesterday's seasonable temps and wet weather has given way to a cold front. I don't care, it is comfortably warm here in my blog room/office/spare bedroom recliner.

The fun continues here at the old homestead as my SIL just learned he is jobless in a massive bankruptcy of one of the nation's largest truck carriers. You might have read about it. Too bad the actions of a couple of individuals have cost more than 3,000 workers their jobs. The news focuses on the drivers, but 500 administrative people are on the street with no severance, no vacation pay, nothing. Merry Christmas, indeed.

If you could keep him and my daughter's family in your prayers, I would appreciate it. .

December 9, 2019

Its beginning to look...

You asked.  You have no idea what a pain it is to post pictures for me.

It shows how much I love you.

December 8, 2019

Infamy, a bonus post

To go with yesterday's post, here is a picture of me and the wife taken in 2014 at Pearl Harbor.

Bleach will clean out your eyes.

Missed it -- You should be reading every day

I am about 15 pounds lighter now.

We were there to celebrate our 30th anniversary.

What is and what never should be

A soft blue sky hints at a promising day. Outside temps hover just at freezing while inside it is comfortably warm. Music plays softly as I hunt and peck these letters to form words. Coffee steams in a Yeti cup next to my recliner. I am ready to offer up insight, information, humor, or pithy commentary on this Sunday morning.


Yeah, I got nuthin'.


Nope. Still nothing.


I guess you will have to choose your own adventure today.

I have not earned the pay and benefits you so generously contribute to this site today. Sorry 'bout that. Let me know and I will refund your subscription fee. I'm benevolent like that. It is just good business.

Have a great Sunday.
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