July 30, 2015

Not today, Donnie

Do not screw with me today. I am completely out of coffee. Not a stray K-cup to be found.

July 29, 2015

Dear Tom Brady

You should have paid more attention in history class. Watergate was a trivial crime that exploded because of a bumbling cover-up too.

BTW if you take it to court, the NFL and its lawyers WILL then have supoena power, do you think those former Patriots employees have any incentive to keep quiet now that they have been fired?

July 28, 2015

Not like the GoGos

I'm on vacation today. Just today. Not at the beach, or Vegas, or the Grand Canyon (still never been there, Otter).  I'm off to move the boy to a different apartment down at the university. Four years, four different abodes. He always claims he has packed, then we find half the stuff is lying lose. Thus more trips when stuff does not go into the car efficiently. Blah, blah. Such is life. Anyway that is how I'm going to spend my summer vacation.

July 27, 2015

In and around the lake

Really Chicago Cubs? Did that just happen? How can you get swept by the Phillies, clearly the worst team in baseball (unless they are playing at Wrigley). You are now responsible in the course of a weekend for more than 20% of Philadelpphia's road wins.  This was the stretch you were going to solidify your wild card run. Must you break my heart every year?

After last evening's heavy rains this July has now become the wettest month ever in Indy. The average July sees a little over 4 inches of rain and we have topped 13 with more rain on tap this week. I suspect some are going to blame it on global warming/climate change/aardvark farts but he previous wettest month was in the 1870s. How do the AlGorites explain that? Do you know how I account  for the rainy summer? Weather.

I have my monthly expense report to do today, one of my least favorite job tasks. It always has been. But when you travel on someone else's dime they want an accounting and rightly so.

Have a great Monday.

July 26, 2015

It is like one of those 500 pound fatties on TLC lecturing us on overeating

Multimillionaire Hillary Clinton says capitalism needs a reset. She is complaining that  we need controls on those who are quick turnaround investors on Wall Street. I can only guess she is talking about the kind of investor who tales $1000 and magically turns it into $100,000 in cattle futures?

Say, isn't Hillary's son-in-law a Wall Street type? I bet those Wall Street makes too much money and anti-capitalism rants make for great entertainment when she and Bill have the "kids" over for dinner.

What next, is Bill Clinton going to lecture us on fidelity in marriage?

July 25, 2015

I dunno

"Quick Timmy, go get help. Lassie has fallen into a well".

I think we know how that would have worked out. Timmy was an idiot.

July 24, 2015

Back in the 80s

Most Friday music selections are whatever pops up on my iPhone. This is no exception.

If you were at a bar in the Midwest in the late 1970s or 1980s you probably saw Henry Lee Summer. After he signed with Epic Records Summer had a few modest hits, but the label tried turn him into a ballad singer a la Michael Bolton. Anyone who ever experienced the frantic energy of Ol' Henry Lee knows that is not who he is as a performer. I will argue that Henry Lee Summer is quite possibly one of the best entertainers I have seen live. He is right up there with Springateen for sheer entertainment. I think this video shows what I mean.  The first time I saw him Henry started the show by leaping from a tower speaker. I think that was in Lafayette, IN in a bar near Purdue University, maybe; it was more than 30 years ago for Pete's sake.

This tune was his biggest hit, but he did do some film vocals as well.
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