January 31, 2015

Super Weekend

It is a bright and chilly Saturday of Super Bowl weekend. I am less than excited to see two of my least favorite teams face off in the big game.

The SnowTeam/ScareTeam s in high panic over the prospect we might get a lot of snow, or maybe a little snow, or perhaps just cold rain overnight and Sunday. It could be bad. Or not. They advise that I keep watching as they continue to guess. One thing is certain, we will have weather outside my office window.

The youngest boy has the weekend off from work, primarily because the restaurant where he works was heavily damaged by fire last Sunday. He is coming home later today. I visited with my daughter and granddaughter Thursday. I had lunch with my oldest son yesterday and my youngest will be home today.  Yes, that is a smile on my usually cranky countenance. If I could convince the wife to give up some nookie this morning, the weekend would be complete.

Well you can't have everything.

Have a great weekend and stay warm.

January 30, 2015

Old Habits

Back in the middle years of the 1980's, we traveled up to Merrillville, Indiana to the Holiday Star Theater to see old Hank Jr. in concert. The asshole was wasted. He would start a song, play a little bit then just kind of taper off. Sometimes Bocepheus forgot the lyrics, sometimes he forgot what song he was playing and launched into a different hit. Mayhaps it was on purpose; it came off as amateurish at best.  Towards the end of the show they brought out a stool so Hank could sit down before he fell down. He ended the show stripped to the waist, fat belly bouncing as he jumped around the stage. I think he was playing Kaw-Liga.  It was thirty years ago, I can't remember every detail. I think beer was involved on my part as well. The primary difference was no one coughed up hard earned dollars for ducats to see me.

In all, it was one of the worst performances I ever paid to see.

Still I like this song, and it sums up my feelings to both the Friday Music feature and the old blog in particular. Plus, Freddie, my favorite lurker-in-chief likes country music*.  Perhaps not oldies like this, but it is the effort that counts.  Right?

*so I think. I might be wrong. I don't know.  Just listen to the music, OK?

January 27, 2015

I believe

You "believe" stuff when there is no verifiable proof. I believe in God. I cannot prove he exists, if you are a sceptic you won't believe.

People claim they believe in man-made global warming/climate change. They cannot prove it exists, but they believe fervently.

I suppose I am a climate agnostic. I used to own a book that used weather, or climate if you prefer, as a means of predicting future events. The author used past weather to map human events and offered a view of the future. Not surprisingly, I picked up the tome for either free or next to nothing at a library book sale. The whole theory is crackpot. You have to love the 1970s.

Weather models fail to forecast with much accuracy 24, heck 12 hours, in advance of a storm.  Yet we are supposed to change our way of life, our economy, our behavior based on weather models for ten or twenty years from now? Those same models, ten years ago, predicted a much different reality. In fact they were dead wrong.  Too bad I lost my free book, it may have been more accurate.

Mental snooze button

I need more coffee. I am groggy this morning. I got a good night of sleep. I've been up an hour and ,my brain is still in sleep mode. I'll try this thing later.

January 26, 2015

Let's see

It is Monday, so I outta post something. I had a good if uneventful weekend. It snowed a bit on Sunday.

Yesterday the wife and I went out for brunch at Granite City,  I ate entirely too much. Too much bacon, too much biscuits and gravy, too much prime rib. Too much of everything. Afterward, the wife dropped me off at home while she walked around the mall. I watched the movie "42" and took a well deserved nap.

Now I am off to do some work.

Things to do for this Monday:

1) write a boring blog post.  Check.

Have a great day.

January 24, 2015

Let's Play Two

RIP Ernie. You lived and played with class and gusto.

Say "Hey" to Ronnie when you get to the big game in Heaven.

January 22, 2015

But they are tryin' hard

The cool thing about deflategate is that I can republish old stuff. You gotta love the classics.

Look, I will say this, The Colts lost that game.  The Patriots were better. Period. Deflated footballs had nothing to do with the Colts inability to tackle.

But cheating is cheating. Writing that algebra formula on your forearm only helps you get one answer correct, but get caught and you still fail the tst.

I will also say this, NFL players are craftsmen.  They are experts in their field.  A quarterback knows exactly how a ball should feel. I do not buy for a moment Brady did not know the balls were deflated by 15%. Ask any craftsman and he knows intimately the feel of each one of his tools. Eleven out of twelve balls indicates something nefarious.
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