April 30, 2016

I Need a Cuppa Joe

It is not raining yet, but it is going to.

I didn't sleep well last night. I was hot, then cold, then hot again. The wife must have been the same. She jerked the sheets and pulled the blanket up and down all night. She gets hot and  throws the blanket on top of me. I kick it to the bottom of the Ned. She pulls it up because she is cold. Rinse and repeat.

What he said.

Part of the wife's problem is she slipped and bumped down a flight of stairs the other day. She is sore as heck. Her back and arms are bruised. Her elbow is sore. Her right butt cheek is completely black and purple. It makes me wince just to see it. I think she stiffens up in the night and then it hurts when she moves.

April 29, 2016

it says busy, busy, busy on my table, table, table

It looks like it is going to be a rainy weekend. I suppose I'll have to mow after work today. Expenses are due by noon. I better get after it. How about a little music to start off your Friday?

So I don't know what is going on. In the past week or so videos won't start unless you go to YouTube to watch them. It is not just me, either.  Other sites have the same issue. I don't know if it is because I'm posting on an iPad or a bigger issue. The Man always seems to ruin stuff just when it is working fine. First it became impossible to post pictures to blogger from the iPad, now this.  I suppose you get what you pay for.

Edit. It is only on my iPad that I cannot watch the video.  I guess Google is trying to make life tough for Apple users.

April 28, 2016

I need my mommy

When I was a kid heading out the door for school my mom would make sure I wore my coat if it was chilly. Yesterday, I tossed my suitcase and briefcase into the car. I grabbed a couple bottles of water from the garage 'fridge and backed out of the garage. It was not until I stopped for lunch that I realized I had left without a jacket. To no surprise, the further north I travelled, the colder it got. Then it started to rain. By the time I left the hotel for supper it was in the low 40s and raining. I had on my dress shirt. I had to turn on the heat in the car. It is cold this morning. My customer will wonder why I don't have on a jacket.

I'm an idiot. I guess I still need my mom to say "Joe, put on a coat". But I don't care what she says, I'm not gonna put on those stupid f-ing rubber boots like I had to wear as a kid.

April 27, 2016

Behind the Mask

The Left is who they are. They don't hide what they want to do, but they do obfuscate.   More than two hundred years of history shows what happens when hard leftists are in charge, the classic examples being the French Revolution, the USSR, Mao's China and Cuba. Destruction of society norms, death, re-education, fear. No wonder leftist hate the teaching of history.

The path to leftist power has a roadmap. Sow chos, destroy religion, cause economic and political turmoil until the People cry out for help, which only comes through the State. Lenin did that way. So did Hitler, Mao, and Castro. Totalitarianism sneaks in under the guise of revolution.

For well over a century the left has tried to crack America. It started with the anarchist reign of terror that morphed into the communist push of the twenties. Since the 1960s the leftists have done their best to destroy religion and old fashioned morality. They have infiltrated the universities and education fields. They were behind the anti-war movements and more recent Occupy movements. Leftists embrace Climate Change and any movement that directly attacks Judeo-Christian values and most importantly, capitalism. The idea of the invisible hand is as loathsome to a progressive as any deity.

The State can tolerate no religion. The State is the most jealous of gods. Why are we suddenly arguing about bathrooms? This is not an issue. Does no one find it interesting that the funding for the unisex bathroom push comes from an accused child molester and ardent Progressive?

Who is it in modern society that wants to tell you what to drive, what to eat, how warm to keep your home, and even what you have to accept as right and moral. I hate to spoil your beliefs, but it ain't the evil righties trying to tell you how to live, what words to use.

April 25, 2016

Impatience is no virtue

I understand your impatience. I know you have all been waiting with anticipation for my opinion on the Tubman-Jackson $20 makeover. Your long wait is over. I don't care.

That's right. Look, Jackson was the true founder of the Democrat Party. He was a racist assswipe. He trashed the White House, had no respect for the office and there is compelling evidence he was not even born in America, thus not qualified to even hold the office of President. He was the original Trump; a pure populist. The model for the modern Democrat.

Harriet Tubman was a leader in the efforts to free the slaves. Brave, devout, and tireless. Her exploits have been detailed extensively in recent days. But in fairness, if you, or I, or almost anyone, made a list of noteworthy Americans to put on our currency, I doubt Ms Tubman would have made the top 50 on any list, unless you said it had to be a minority and/or female compilation only. Go ahead, jump in your time machine go back a week and look at your list of 100 greatest Americans. Tubman is not on the list is she?

I think there are plenty of folks more worthy than either Jackson or Tubman to be placed on our currency. Welcome to modern America. Western Civilization is not even an offered course at Stanford, Washington and Lincoln do not get a holiday, but MLK does (not that he isn't worthy, but Lincoln did far more for African-Americans and Washington is the Father of our Country). History and civics have been replaced with social studies in our schools. Modern Americans know virtually nothing about our founding, our Constitution, or our history.

Should we honor someone instrumental in helping runaway slaves, who was a key player in the operation of the Underground Railroad on the $20? Absolutely. That is why Levi Coffin will be honored on the $20 bill. Except he is an dead old white guy.

April 24, 2016

Rock a Hula

I make no secret of the fact that I enjoy Elvis' movies. They are silly, and mostly bad, and a way to pass an hour and thirty minutes, just being entertained. I like the 1960's beach movies for the same reason. I don't need a deeper meaning or comment on society to be entertained.

At some point Elvis became "Elvis" and that guy was almost a parody of himself. The money, the relentless fame, the Cadillacs, the drugs, the movies, the jumpsuits, and Vegas* all made him bigger than life. In his movies he basically played the same role: Elvis. Lost in the hype was the fact that the man could sing, really sing.

The King was a generation before me. He peaked before I was born in 1962. it was not until my teen years and my addiction to watching old movies on late night TV that I really began to appreciate his talent. Elvis has been lampooned for his acting. He was no Spenser.Tracy, but there was no actor alive who could look good with some of those scripts. "Forgettable" is a generous label to apply to some of the soundtracks he was forced to perform. I think we can agree that often the quality of the music was not the same as we find in the golden age of Hollywood musicals.

But sometimes he hit a home run.

*in much the same way this blog has become a parody of itself. Without the fame, the money, the caddies, or the drugs. Alas, not even the jumpsuits. Probably, because unlike Elvis, I never started out with talent. 
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