May 29, 2016


As I look out the old blog room/tv room/granddaughter's room window I see a brilliant blue sky and grass and trees so green the folks in Ireland would be jealous. It is already in the 70s. It may rain later. It may not. It might at your house, it might at mine. I don't know. I don't care -- it looks to be a glorious day and perfect kick-off to summer.

We are heading off to our friend's house for a pool party. Swimming, food, beer, stogies, and laughs are in the plans. I may even break out one or two of my good sticks to burn. Why not? They do no good resting there in the humidor.

Yesterday was uneventful. The granddaughter spent the night Friday, but went home early. We cleaned the house. Then I listened to the baseball game. We grabbed a quick bite then went to the store to get stuff to make for the cook out and party today. Woohoo I'm not sure how I stood the excitement.

What? I'm making corn salad. Take a couple of cans of drained fiesta corn, a diced up green bell pepper, diced onion, a cup of mayo, 2 cups of shredded sharp cheddar. Just before serving, stir in a bag of crushed chili cheese Fritos. Sounds gross, I know, but it tastes great. Trust me on this, I lie way less than a Clinton. It is easy and delicious and everyone will ask you for the tecipe. The wife is making the best brownies ever. Buy one of those pans that makes little square brownies. Press ready made chocolate chip cookie dough in the bottom of each square. Plop on a Reese Cup. Yes, in every square. I know! Make a brownie mix and pour evenly over the cookie/peanut butter cups. Bake. Cool. Eat. There may be a few calories involved.

Now you wish you were hanging with me today don'tcha? Well, I suppose you long for that opportunity every day, but even more so today. I have not even discussed the burgers and brats and cakes and other good stuff that will be available. Did I mention fine cigars, beer, and other grown up drinks? All served pool side? Yes, some days it is good to be me.

I hope you have a great day. I am going to try to have one myself.

May 28, 2016

Just Thinkin'

I just finished reading one of the better novels I have read. Matterhorn is a novel of Vietnam. How accurate the portrayal is, I will leave to those who were there. The story is compelling in any case.

I am a student of history. I particularly like military history. The Vietnam War has long left me perplexed. I am certain I have not studied enough, but I fail to understand the rationale behind not directly attacking the North. The Vietcong was virtually eliminated after the 1968 Tet Offensive, so the US could have easily moved the offensive North. Why didn't we attack Hanoi and flush the Communist leaders? Why didn't we launch a strong campaign across the DMZ? The North Vietnamese would have been forced to bring the troops out of Laos and Cambodia to protect from this invasion. What was the purpose of a war of attrition with no military objective beyond killing as many of the enemy as we could find? Did we really believe the USSR or China would go to nukes over a shithole like Vietnam?

I am not alone in my skepticism over the tactics and strategy of our efforts in Vietnam. The classic war novels of the era echo the futility and waste of the efforts of a generation of Americans. Coonts, Berent, and Marlantes are just a few who have raised these questions.

May 27, 2016

A real question for all three of my readers

I have a work email account. I use it for work.

I have a personal email account (actually three). I use these for personal emails.

I don't send personal emails from my work account. I don't use my personal emails for work stuff. It is a pain in the rear, but I carry two phones during work hours*. It is a pain, but such is life. Even when my phone was used for both work and personal, I kept the emails separate. ALWAYS.

Do you use your work email for personal stuff?

Why would we even accept that Hillary Clinton would need to use a separate server because she used her work email for personal stuff and her personal email for State Department stuff? The very intent of the bathroom server was to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests. What was going on that she wanted to hide from you and I? Is it your argument that a person so incompetent that she cannot figure out how to set up and use two separate email accounts (or have it done for her) is qualified to be President?

When you Clinton supporters can answer these questions and explain why it is OK for a Government Employee to use systems paid for by you and I for personal business I will listen to why Crooked Hillary should be President. Until I get a reasonable answer I will just consider her a lying, corrupt bitch.

I guess that was not so politically correct huh?

*I also do not use my work phone for personal calls.

What ever happened to Chuck Cunningham anyway?

The weather app says it is not going to rain until around eleven this morning and then it will clear up. It is 7:30 AM and raining fairly hard. There you have it. But the models ate accurate for global warming 100 years in the future, we are told. Chalk me up as another heretical skeptic in the climate change religion.

It is Friday and a long weekend. Woot! I hope the weather cooperates.

We had a summer-type supper last night. I soaked some thin boneless ribeyes in Dale's Sauce and threw them on the grill for steak sandwiches.  I also grilled some corn on the cob and baked a couple of spuds. The corn was so-so, it is early, but all in all a pretty good feast. A slice of fresh tomato would have been perfect, but my plants have at least a month before I start getting fruit.

What the heck, how about some Friday music? This tune could be my theme song.
I'm special, so special
I gotta have some of your attention give it to me
Am I right?

Have a great Friday

May 26, 2016

First Timer

Those of you who do not have the privlege of living in God's favorite locale might be shocked and amazed to learn that the Indianapolis 500 has never been broadcast live on TV here in central Indiana in my lifetime. In fact, 1949 and 1950 are the only races ever to be telecaster live.  All of my life the Indy 500 has been blacked out. This year, the 100th running will be televised live. No blackout. The Speedway has announced a total sellout. Estimates are placing the expected crowd at 400,000 to 450,000 spectators. Take that Woodstock. Every one of those race fans will arrive and depart the track on a two lane city street.

I have been to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing (insert proper trademark here) three or four times. One year I went twice but the race was postponed due to rain both times so I'm not sure that counts. The guy who had the tickets took them back when the race was finally run another day. Being at the race is cool. There is nothing like the opening lap for sheer sports excitement. But getting there and getting home? Blah.

But I wil get to watch the race live. I don't know, I have always listened on the radio, that is Memorial Day weekend tradition around here. We shall see.

May 24, 2016

The Early Bird Avoids Sunstroke

The neighbors are getting a new roof. The process started just after six this morning. I'm not complaining. I know what it is like to do that job. I roofed in the summer during my college years. I did not do much shingle work. Mostly, on those jobs I carried bundles of shingles up a ladder, wishing I was dead by ten o'clock. I spent nearly all of my time on big industrial flat roofs: schools, nursing homes, and one very large factory in particular. The work was hard, dirty, and dangerous. I also made a lot of money. I was pulling in $500 to $600 a week for a summer job. In the early 1980's that was very good part time pay. I also remember how brutally hot it got. We started early too.

I tell myself I couldn't do that work today and I would be right. I did help a guy roof his garage a couple of years ago and more than held up my end. I have no desire to go back to mopping tar. I'm way too old for that shit.

May 23, 2016

WTF Obama?

As near as I can tell by reading the news, Obama thinks it right and proper that Vietnam be able to defend itself and will even provide the weapons. You and I, good Americans, he does not think we should have that right, even when it is right there in the Constitution. Even if we are willing to provide our own guns.

Is there any totalatarian government, communist mofo, or American enemy's asshole that Obama won't bend down and kiss?

Dear Chick in the Hat

If you think America sucks so bad you should leave. Find that place you think is so wonderful. Have you seen how blacks are treated in Europe? Maybe you know of a place in Africa that has a better standard of living than what you now enjoy. Chinese and Japanese hate foreigners. Have you seen how aborigines are treated by many Australians?

You think you are making a political statement. The only statement you are making with your "America was never great" headwear is a statement of your ignorance. 

While I'm up here on my soapbox, "eat shit and die" is not a death threat. It is rude, but no more. And don't act surprised your hat has generated hate mail and comments. That was the reaction you were looking for.
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