June 28, 2017

Humpity Hump

Things are getting settled here at the old homestead. I cooked supper Monday. My daughter cooked last night. Everyone has settled into a tentative routine, all trying not to step on his housemate's figurative toes. The granddaughter is just confused.

I'm looking forward to a couple of days off next week. The wife and I are trying to decide if we want to use some valuable hotel points and take a mini vacation at the beach. We are watching the weather before committing. I don't want to use up my points sitting in a hotel room or walking a mall while it pours down rain. I've been there and done that.

June 27, 2017

Sheer Punditry

I have tried to stay away from politics of late, primarily because I am just tired of it all. Sometimes I read something that leaves me amused. In the run up to the vote on the GOP ObamaCare Lite bill, the CBO claims that 22 million could be uninsured if the bill passes. In the details we learn that a majority of those uninsured will be primarily a result of getting rid of the onerous individual mandate. In other words -- voluntarily. People will be uninsured because they want to be uninsured. The media wants us to believe the law somehow picks and chooses through nefarious means who gets insurance and who does not. This is the kind of crap that I am sick of.

BTW there is a distinct difference between health care and insurance.

Passing a bill that is slightly different is not a repeal. As voters we can tell the difference.

I find it hilarious that for the past month or two the local airwaves have been filled with ads for Indiana's lone Democrat senator. Old Joe is realizing he just might be vulnerable. The election is more than a year away and already Donnelly is touting the good he has done in an effort to make Hoosiers forget that he has been a straight-line Democrat voter his entire political career.

That is your Tuesday digest.

June 25, 2017

Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away

It is a cool Sunday morning. Music is playing softly in the background. I am blogging from the couch. My office is now in the master bedroom and the wife is asleep. The other three bedrooms are now occupied by others, so I can't use the comfy chairs and recliners in those rooms. The early morning hours when I get to be alone are going to be the biggest casualty in the great summer move-in. I feel selfish just typing that. My daughter is excited they will close on the new house in six weeks. The house was originally slated to be finished by late August. I'm am sure they will be glad to get out of here as soon as possible.

We managed to combine the contents of two rooms into one and emptied three closets into one. The wife did a great job. After every one moves back out we are going to have a bunch of space. I bet it will take the wife about a week to fill it up!

We went to hear the oldest boy's band play last night. It may be the last time. One of the band members is moving away. They are all great musicians. Singing may not be their forte, but they are adequate.  Success has eluded them. That is often the case when one chooses the arts.

I listen to some of the crap on the radio and wonder how the artist found success. I watch The Voice or American Idol and see people with more talent than you can imagine and for the life of me I can't understand why those people go unsigned.  Dumb luck plays a huge role. It is the same if you write or paint.

There you have my "Joe, nobody cares about this crap" entry for today. My coffee mug is empty and so is my creative bag. Enjoy your Sunday.

June 23, 2017

Someone stole the witty title of this post

Happy Friday. The remains of TS Cindy is bringing rain in a steady drizzle this morning. Thunder boomed earlier as harder rain watered the grass and flowers. Best of all, the front brought cooler temperatures and lowered the soul-sucking humidity a few points.

The boy's dog is curled next to me. He has no interest to in going out into the rain.

I screwed up yesterday. We bought new blinds for the granddaughter's room. I got them put up with no trouble. When I went to cut off the inevitable and multiple safety tags I cut the string holding the slats in place. The blind is ruined. I have to head off to Lowes to get another during my lunch break. At least the brackets can be reused. Thank goodness they were not the real expensive blinds. I can only blame myself, and the damn lawyers that want to idiot proof everything.

Speaking of which, did you see that some law firm is suing the big box lumber yards because a 4x4 and 2x4 are not really 4x4 or 2x4? Isn't that one of the first things you learn when doing your first home improvement project? The chains will just settle and spend thousands of dollars to change labels. The cost will be passed to the consumer while the lawyers get a cash payout. No one wins but the lawyers.

June 22, 2017

Geez Annette, just take off yer top already

Nothing says summer like a little beach music. Here is the greatest surf tune of all time:

And if you Beach Boys fans and Jan and Deaners don't like the truth -- tough.


I got my "office" moved last night when I returned from my business trip. I have to find a place for my file cabinets yet. This evening we will move the boy from the slightly larger guest bedroom to my old office. My daughter and her husband will move into the vacated bedroom this weekend. It is going to be crowded for a couple of months. I'm sure none of them are looking forward to moving in with their parents either.

I had a noteworthy post composed in my head on the drive back from Kentucky yesterday. Alas, it is gone, stored in some inaccessible place in my brain today. So it goes. Instead you get...this.

I hope you have a great day.

June 21, 2017

Head Scratchin' Here, Boss

According to this story, a local convenience store clerk is being charged with a crime for trying to stop a thief. WTH? Stealing is stealing. It does not matter what is being stolen. If the criminal in question was stealing a Lexus would the situation be different?

Is there something magic about taking a five-finger discount on cigars? Michael Brown swiped stogies, and according to some, the Ferguson cop had no right to arrest Brown.

What is our society coming to when you cannot protect yourself or your property? Just as disturbing are the number of people interviewed on the evening news who think the clerk was out of bounds. I suspect their attitude would change in a hurry if folks helped themselves to their property.

I may start buying my gas at this station from now on.

June 20, 2017

breaded tenderloin is a Hoosier tradition, keep yer grubby hands off

Re: Yesterday's Post topic
The committee is pushing for three pieces of international law to put sanctions place. This will expand international property regulations to protect indigenous property ranging from designs to language. The UN should "obligate states to create effective criminal and civil enforcement procedures to recognize and prevent the non-consensual taking and illegitimate possession, sale and export of traditional cultural expressions," *
I guess we better shut America down. We are a mutt culture and a mutt race. Oh wait, unless you are a member of an isolated tribe in the interior of New Guinea or the Amazon, you are too. The world is made of the movement and inter-mixture of peoples. If you don't understand this let me know and I will give a basic history lesson. The last time a group of folks started looking for racial and cultural purity 80 million people died. You may remember this deadly experiment in cultural sovereignty as World War II. I should point out that those guys were socialists too.

This is nonsense and like it or not these ideas are being pushed by the liberal side of the political aisle. If facts offend you then I don't know what to say.

* emphasis mine
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