October 4, 2015

I'll take "hypocritical Democrats" for $1,000, Alex

A few months ago a crazed murderer killed a bunch of Christians in Charleston. This nut job happened to be white. The President, the media, and left-leaning bloggers insisted we had to look at the shooters roots and background to determine the why of his actions. Southern culture was held responsible and State Flags were removed, 30+ year old TV show reruns were cancelled, dead generals were exhumed, and some people proposed destroying Stone Mountain sand the Jefferson Memorial.

This week a crazed murderer killed a bunch of Christians in Oregon. This nut job happens to be black. Will we look at his culture and background to find the why of his actions? Will we call for censorship of rap songs and their message of violence? Will we ban baggy pants? Will reruns of the 30+ year old TV show "Good Times" be axed from the airwaves? One of the main characters is always calling for explosives.

What is the difference?

October 3, 2015

Coming up with compelling post titles is hard

It is a blustery fall day. It is wet, rainy and windy,  Wait, isn't that the definition of "blustery"? That makes this paragraph redundantly repetitive.

I spent yesterday in beautiful Bloomington, IN at the youngest kid's college apartment. He had all four wisdom teeth extracted. When I left around eight last night he was doing remarkably well. The bleeding had stopped and he only had a little swelling. We will see how he is doing today. I took a couple of cans of chicken noodle soup with me. I was sure his stock of groceries was nil. I was right. Almost every dish and pan was dirty. I heated the soup in a skillet. The sink was full of dirty dishes even though he has a dishwasher. No, I did not clean up the mess. I did go buy some groceries for him, including some soft foods like pre-made mashed potatoes and mac & cheese for him to eat this weekend. He and his roommate did have plenty of booze on hand like most college kids.

Sorry. I'm back now. I went downstairs to get more coffee. I sure wish you would go out and get me a sausage and egg McMuffin. I work hard to keep you entertained, informed, and educated with riveting content like this post. All I ask in return is a crappy breakfast sandwich. You don't have to feed it to me or anything. Just go get it. I'll meet you at my front door; just call when you are close. No, I don't really want to have a discussion with you, we don't need to actually, you know, meet. Just hand me the bag and leave. Don't forget the hash browns. Thanks. Could you hurry? I'm sorta hungry.

The President continues to blame the NRA and Republicans for the actions of a crazed killer, citing their failure to pass legislation that has never been introduced, proposed, or even outlined in the broadest terms beyond outlawing so-called "assault weapons" which are rarely used in these type of crimes, or any crimes for that matter. Yep, if only the "bitter clingers"with their Bibles and guns would allow Congress to do what Obama has failed to propose, none of this would happen. Washington DC, I fart in your general direction.

Have a good Saturday and where are you with that sandwich?

October 2, 2015


If it is an impossible task to deport 30 million illegal persons in the country, what makes gun grabbers think they can round up ten times that number of guns?

A commentary break from our usual frivolity

Tragedy and death in Oregon. One more loser seeking fame in our celebrity-obsessed culture. Do you want a discussion? Start there. What is the answer to gun violence? I don't know. Knee-jerk we-gotta-do-something-anything reactions are not the way to go. The President cries "See I told you we should ban assault weapons" even though there is no evidence an assault weapon was used. His fiction makes it just politics, not a serious quest for solutions. Hard-core gun lobby efforts to limit background checks is equally unhelpful. If you can't wait a few days to pick up that 911 there is a bigger issue. We also can't help but finally acknowledge that gun-free zones are invitations to these types of cowardly acts of infamy. The security guard at the Oregan campus was unarmed. What good does that serve? Worse, despite the hair tearing, hand wringing, and teeth gnashing we will experience over the next few days over the despicable actions of a crazed murdering megalomaniac, the media, pundits, and politicians will ignore the similar slaughter that takes place daily in every major city. They will ignore the fact that those targeted were Christians. They will ignore the basic fact that all of the laws in the world won't stop a nut job determined to kill.

October 1, 2015

Dear Republican Party

Rumor has it Boehner will use his last days to shove through his long-desired amnesty plan. Free of electoral retribution, the retiring GOP leader can count on the support of house Democrats and the RINO wing. The problem is that poll after poll shows the American people, across party lines, do not want amnesty. Currently the most popular Presidential candidate is ahead primarily based on his strong anti-amnesty stance.

Mittens lost the last election to a bumbling President primarily because his base stayed home on Election Day. Here is a prediction, if the national GOP lets Boehner shove amnesty through then they can kiss the dream of holding the Presidency and Congress goodbye. Coupled with a sell-out on the budget (another great debate winner)*forcing an amnesty bill will be the beginning of the end. When the Whigs just became Democrats by another name it birthed a new party in the 1850s. It can happen again.

I'm told not voting is a vote for the Democrats. When there is very little difference between the parties in Washington, it seems I'm voting for the Democrat agenda anyway.

* why lose the leverage of calling the Democrat candidate as fiscally irresponsible? The GOP are the worst negotiates and campaigners ever.

Free firewood

Today is my oldest son's birthday. He is a talented artist and musician. He just needs a break. My daughter has a family name. The youngest son's middle name is a family name. The birthday boy -- he is named after two famous American generals. I'm not sure he cares.

Fall has arrived. It is in the forties this morning. Sitting here in shorts and a T-shirt, I find it a bit chilly. My coffee mug needs refilled, I'm off to the break room. That is a joke. I work from home. The break room is the kitchen. Ha ha, I bet you are holding your side from the hysterics. I know, I should be a writer on the Tonight Show with that kind of material.

September 30, 2015

when politics trumps morals

If you found out the local animal shelter took the unwanted puppies and kittens after they were euthanized and cut them up and sold them for dog food, would this bother you? Would you be up in arms, protesting outside the animal shelter?

Be honest. No one will know but you.

Tell me again how you are Okay with Planned Parenthood chopping up babies and selling their body parts.

Boo f-ing hoo, or How President Obama and his friends ruined my life

I met with the big boss from the German home office yesterday. He told me they are most pleased with my efforts. As a reward, my territory will double in January. The pay will remain static, mind you, but I will get to spend more time driving and traveling. I will rack up the hotel points. That means I can reward myself with a vacation from living my weekdays in hotels by going somewhere and spending time in a hotel! But I'm bitching over small things. I like my job and I am honestly glad to have it. I'm in a peevish mood this month. I need a vacation, but can't afford it. I have the aforementioned hotel points. I could stay just about anywhere gratis. But food and gas and activities take moolah. I can sit in a room and stare at the TV without leaving God's favorite state and it won't deplete my precious point fund. Anyway, at home I know who has handled what before they rubbed it on the remote. On the downside, If I take vacation days at home, the wife will put me to work doing stuff; cleaning the garage, yard work, painting something.

As mentioned the other day, today marks my youngest kid's 22nd birthday. He was just a boy when we started this blogging stuff. There are tales of his efforts in little league and elementary football there in the archives. Now he is a student at a major Midwestern university -- no, that is not the start of a "Dear Penthouse" letter. I will see him Friday. He is having all four wisdom teeth extracted. Sucks to be him. Since my insurance has a very high deductible, thank you Democrat Party, ObamaCare has been great (did the sarcasm font work?), my vacation funds will be spent at the dental surgeon's office.

See, it all ties in if you just stick to the end.

September 29, 2015

A Series Of Significant Signs Signaling Stupendous Stuff

a flock of geese just flew over the house heading...east. What does that mean? Are they heading south for the winter and made a wrong turn back in Albuquerque? Are they making a stop in Atlantic City before heading to Florida? Are the honking geese not migrating at all today and are merely heading for the retention pond in the apartment complex on the other side of the highway? I'm afraid we will never know. Frankly, I don't even care. I doubt you do either.

I had a weird dream that I knew the future, more accurately I knew what was happening now but was transported back in time. My Cassandra-like powers were not a blessing. It was terrible. No wonder Fate is often depicted as an ugly crone.

No travels this week. The boss is in from Germany. I'm off  to the plant for meetings this afternoon. 

I am awake and alive. God has given me another day. Hard to complain about that.

September 28, 2015

Odiferous Offerings

Once again it is Monday morning and my big bucket of blog ideas is empty.

The Pope has boarded his jumbo jet to fly back to his own private migrant-free country to settle in amongst his priceless artworks to pen another diatribe about global warming, the evils of capitalism, and exhorting every nation except Vatican City to take in more migrants.

The Cardinals, the baseball ones, not the Catholic ones who vote for the Pope, the Pirates, and the Cubs have the three best records in baseball. One of them will be eliminated in a one game wildcard playoff. Life ain't fair and it was never meant to be.

The Colts pulled off an ugly win Sunday. Scores throughout the season are not cumulative and a lucky two point victory is as much a win as a thirty point blowout in the standings. The team has serious flaws. I have no doubt the Patriots will drop sixty points on the Colts when they come to call in a few weeks.

I watched the eclipse on and off last night, between innings of the baseball game. Just as the Earth's shadow darkened the lunar body the clouds moved in and kept the moon hidden for the test of the night. I imagine that kept the werewolves at bay.

The big boss arrives from the Mother Country tomorrow. Expense reports are also due this week. I better get busy. Blogs don't pay the bills. Have a good Monday.
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