November 26, 2014

Let me tell you...

...nothing, absolutely nothing, more demonstrates anger, fear, resentment, and a demand for justice than stealing a television or burning a barber shop.

Get up, Stand up

The perpetually aggrieved are calling for an embargo of Black Friday sales in protest of a lack of an indictment in the Ferguson police shooting. I guess because Macy's and Best Buy and WalMart and Target are somehow responsible for the Grand Jury verdict.  To further highlight the sheer stupidity of this protest one of the supporters of the embargo argued that not shopping on Black Friday would "show the government we demand justice".  Yes, and refusing to purchase a gift from a local small business hurts the Feds just as eating a donut for breakfast shows big cable companies how much we hate their lack of customer service. Perhaps next this moron will support a boycott of the NFL to protest the fur industry. We might see this mental giant waving a protest sign outside a Kroger food store to demand banking reform. Cause and effect is a difficult concept for some. I bet his Mom still lays out his clothes each morning now that gr-animals no longer fit.

On a second point, one day protests are meaningless anyway.  A few years ago economic morons routinely sent emails and called for an embargo of gas stations for a given day.  They laid out elaborate calculations of what the loss of sales for one day would do to ExxonBPMobileChevronEvilOil. Except it is nonsense.  You need gas, you will fill up the day before or the day after and spend the same dollars anyway.

Useful Idiots indeed. Milton Freedman and Adam Smith are weeping.

November 25, 2014

Things I learned today.

Facts are stubborn things.  Based on what I see on the news,  when one is not sure of the facts, when one has not heard from witnesses, when one does know the law, one should riot, loot, and burn other people's property.

I'm not sure how burning your own neighborhood fixes stuff though. Mayhap someone can explain.

November 23, 2014

It is time to bring them out of the shadows

The Federal, State, and local governments are in collusion to tear families apart. It is past time that we, as a nation, began to show the compassion and tolerance that is born of our freedom. An entire group of people are living and sometimes working in the shadows, walled-off from society by laws and policies that are tearing entire families apart. If Congress will not act, then I say the President must. Yes, I am talking about amnesty.  No longer should fathers be separated from children, mothers from sons, sisters from brothers.

It is estimated that more than two million people are incarcerated in the US. Though we have but 5% of the world population we have 25% of the prisoners. Yes, some of the people in prison are violent. they are killers, rapists, thugs of every description; but they are people too and deserve to be with their families, not locked in dark concrete cells. Prison tattoos and weight lifting are not a substitute for hanging with family and friends. Just because these individuals made a conscious decision to violate the law is no reason to punish them, to separate them from their families.  For the robbers, killers and Thieves who are hiding, unarrested, life is a nightmare, waiting every day for the shoe to drop when jackbooted authorities round them up and tear them from their crying children to be sent to a dank prison cell.  I cry "no more". It is time for comprehensive reform.

I say let's create a path to regaining their voting rights, and full participation in society -- owning guns, working, paying taxes or collecting welfare. It is time for Congress to act, we need comprehensive reform legislation to close these prisons, reunite families, create Democrat voters, for the children. Closing prisons will reduce greenhouse gases and slow the inevitable march to global warming and a mini ice age which will create overpopulation and starvation because the droughts and flooding will ruin crops. We must do it for the children, we can't raise them in a village when part of the village is locked away in prison.

Free them all -- killers and rapists and child molesters are people too. It is time the spent the holidays with their families free from fear.

Amnesty now.  Who is with me!?

This entire post was printed in sarcasm font which was created by the famed printer Jaques Leblow in 1693 in a remote village in the Patagonian Alps

November 22, 2014

A little of this, a bit of that

For the first time in ages I had an opportunity to sleep in this morning. Therefore, I woke up at 4:00 unable to go back to sleep. Such is life.

I have been neglecting the old blog recently. This commuting stuff is a big change in my life. Training for the new gig goes well, but slowly. I suppose the company wants to make sure I am up to speed before sending me out to woo customers. I think i could progress a little faster, but the man signs the check and you follow his schedule.

I am off later this morning to the part time job.  I am not sure how long it will last.  I am not supposed to be scheduled Monday through Friday -- it is a weekend only gig now that I have a real job again. Yet I am (unsurprisingly) scheduled to work Thursday and Friday this week. I won't do it. I may be fired, I may have to quit, or they might roll over, preferring to take advantage of my sales skills on the weekend as opposed to not there at all.  The choice is out of my hands, but I will not bend. I don't have to any more.

A bit of rain was falling earlier. It looks to be a warmer, yet wet weekend.  I thought about trying to get some of the outside Christmas decorations up this weekend (between long shifts at big box electronics store), but that will likely have to wait until next weekend.

Well, you are now up to speed on my most boring of lives.  Working 7 days a week leaves little time for hobbies, and while I love you guys, I do not love you enough to get up at o'dark thirty every morning to post to the old blog.  In fact, I think I will head off to visit Mr. Recliner and take a nap before heading off to work.

I hope you have a great saturday.  Me, I made other plans.

November 21, 2014

My five minute rebuttal

King Obama claims he is for the working man. King Obama says the Republicans are the party of big business. Yest in one fell swoop King Obama just pissed on the working man. 38 million Americans are out of work. The workforce participation rate is the lowest since the Great Depression and King Obama just created legislation that will help illegal immigrants get jobs easier.

This will lower wages, increase access to government benefits and encourage more illegal immigration. The Chamber of Commerce and business just got a larger pool of low-wage workers.

Where are the unions? Why aren't they complaining?  BOHICA working people of America King Obama and the Democrats just screwed you again.

November 20, 2014


How did the Caesars come to rule Rome? There was a Senate for the entire period of the Empire. How do despots gain power? How is tyranny born? The people and their Representatives allow it to happen.  Megalomaniacs run for office, especially President. They become above the law. Incrementally the tyrant gains power because no one stops him.

Obama will announce tonight he will create Legislation from whole cloth against the will of the People, despite the empty protests of Congress and in clear violation of the Constitution.  The Courts will let it happen, claiming no one has standing to stop him.

And our freedom and our government will slip away one stroke of the pen at a time.

I weep for my soon-to-be-born grandchild.  She will witness the decline and fall of America as I know it, aided and abetted by a willing press, and politicians who only care about keeping their power, no matter how illusionary it has become.

November 19, 2014

Six years of study

Geez Democrats, you have been studying the XL Pipeline for six years.  How long do you need? Building a pipeline creates jobs,. The pipeline will help reduce our dependence on Middle east oil. It will help reduce energy costs.

For a party that supposedly is for the little guy the Democrats sure go out of their way to make life harder for us all.
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