December 5, 2016

Pretending to be a textile worker does not make you an expert on weaving

There is not much to report today. I fried up some chicken last night. Mashed spuds, gravy, corn, and biscuits rounded out the meal. Yes, there might have been a few carbs present.

Not much happened, news wise, over the weekend. Recounts are going on in Wisconsin and starting in Michigan today. Early results in Cheeseland indicate the initial counts were pretty accurate and that Trump is slightly expanding his lead.

Funny, the sore losers are only asking for recounts in close states where they lost. Why not claim there might be, could be, perhaps was...well something...since the polls were wrong in New Hampshire and Minnesota which were much closer than expected Clinton wins? Oh, right, because this is about trying to screw up the Electoral College and making money for Jill Stein.

I read a rant from Sally Field yesterday where she claimed that the Electoral College has stolen the election from Hillary Clinton. Sally said ( I paraphrase) that if we are a democracy then the person with the most votes should win.  Sally, I really, really don't like you.  Silly, ignorant proclamations of this sort are exactly why we should not listen to actors or actresses on topics of importance. Pretending may be a skill, but it does not make one an expert. I will type this slow so you can follow along, Sally Field. We have a representative republic in the United States, not a democracy, you ignorant slut. Maybe you should have taken a civics class back in high school. Maybe instead of flying around letting schoolboys look up your dress in some sick sexual fantasy involving nuns and weird hats you could have taken a course in political science at the local community college.

December 4, 2016

Johnny Cash hit song to be banned in Eastern Tennessee

It is cold this morning; near freezing. It is not abnormal for the season. SnowTeamScareTeam was in a lather because it might snow today. Probably not, but maybe! If it does, it will be at best a dusting, but SNOW! Since this is written garbage, not video garbage you cannot see me shaking my head in mild disgust. I am, believe me. Look, I'll do it again. Imagine it, people, that is what words are for.

Yesterday was entirely unproductive. The wife went shopping and I  mutated into a couch potato. John Wayne, a documentary about the Cubs World Series win, and a broadcast showing of "It's a Wonderful Life" pretty much took up the day. I guess. Oh, I also watched a Debbie Reynolds movie in the morning. And can I add that she was hot back in the day? I went back and looked, the flick was "Bundle of Joy". I've seen it bunches of times. It is a musical remake of an older film. This was filmed when Reynolds was married to Eddie Fisher and around the time Princess Leia was born.

So yeah, I wasted the day. I did walk about three miles in the morning, so there is that. Since i smoked a cigar while strolling the neighborhood I suspect any health benefits from the mild exercise were negated. If you were using me as a roll model I seriously question your life choices.

I do not anticipate today being much more exciting. Enjoy your Sunday and because I too often forget to say it, thank you for stopping by.

*re: the title of this post -- too soon?

December 3, 2016

And on Saturday

We watched cartoons. And ate sugary cereal. And turned into productive citizens (with diabetes). But we did not sit around playing video games.

December 2, 2016

Praeses and Professores

I'm not dead, just busy. Year-end mileage logs for the company car and filling out November expenses have delayed posting today. Wednesday and Thursday I was in Chicago doing my work thing. In other words, I'm offering lots of lame excuses for why I haven't posted my normal brand of genius for a couple of days. This is post 5,514. It is my 382nd effort this calendar year. Go ahead, demand a recount. It is the thing to do these days.

I dragged out the mower Tuesday and chopped and bagged the leaves in the front and back yard. When I got home last night the back yard is again covered completely in a gold layer of leaves. The trees back there are still at least 80% covered. It was January last year before they were done shedding and it looks like it will be that way again this year.  I refuse to rake in January. They can lay there 'till spring when I will mow them up then.

There is snow in the forecast this weekend. I am ready. Bring on the white Christmas, baby.

I picked up my re-done glasses this morning. Since the prescription is fairly strong and mostly to correct astigmatism, they lenses are a stark change. I have a headache and stuff looks a little distorted. .
You are now caught up on the tediousness that is my life. Don't you feel better?

Here is a little Friday Christmas Music for your enjoyment.

No, no, there is no need to thank me.

November 30, 2016

This is not the post I wanted to write today

I have said it before and I will say it yet again, freedom of speech is for that speech we find most loathsome. That includes flag burning. It includes skin-heads and Nation of Islam  and the Westboro Church. Freedom of speech even allows idiots like the NFL quarterback from San Francisco, who demonstrates his opposition to oppression by wearing a T-shirt of Fidel Castro.

Trump is wrong to want to punish flag-burners. They deserve our contempt, our derision, or disgust, but they have every right to burn the flag.

Tyranny is a word that has fallen from fashion. Stripping a person of citizenship and throwing him in jail over their dissent is tyranny at its worst.

November 29, 2016

How many more have to be hurt before we do something?

Funny, I keep waiting in vain for a call for a national dialogue about cars and butcher knives. Why aren't Democrats in Congress demanding that anyone on the No-Fly list be banned from owning, renting, or driving an automobile? When will we see demands that the cutlery industry install "smart" technology on knives?  I hear people can buy knives at gun shows. This loophole must be closed. When will the families sue the car manufacturer? Why is the President silent?

Bippity Boppity Boo Ballots Turn into Votes for You

I am scratching my head over the whole recount effort. USA Today has run several articles all stating emphatically that Trump made a flat-out wrong assertion when he claimed illegal ballots were cast for Hillary. Their very words about Trump's assertions is "no basis in fact". But when Democrats and sore losers demand recounts based on zero evidence of electronic machine hacking, the paper is silent. Even the Stein people admit there is no evidence of tampering, but want a hand-count "just in case".  If leftists didn't have a double standard, they would have no standards at all. 

This is no more than an effort to cast doubt on the election, throw the system into turmoil and in some way hope to deligitimize or marginalize the Trump Presidency. Well, the country overcame election shenanigans in the Jackson/Adams and Tilden/Hayes elections and will again.

One article I read (somewhere, sorry or I would link) said Clinton is in favor of recounts because if it looks like she was robbed of the election it helps bolster her run in 2020.  Put up you hand, who wants more Hillary!?

Pundits claimed the election of Trump would destroy our Republic. It might just happen. Not so much for anything Trump has done, he has not even taken office.  Rather by the losers, who cannot accept that the Democrat leftist agenda has been rejected at the local, state, and federal levels. Lefties have never felt any qualms about forcing folks to accept their version of paradise, even If it means building a big wall to keep the capitalist pigs from flooding East Berlin, or throwing dissenters into gulags and prison in the USSR and Cuba, or even mass murder like in China, North Korea, and South East Asia. Saul Alinsky would be pleased by this election chaos.

November 28, 2016


It is Monday, buy something online.

I have a list if you need to waste your money on a complete stranger.

It occurs to me that this place could really, really use an editor. And a spell checker. Or maybe an author who takes time to proofread his submissions. Going back the next day after posting to find typos may not be he best way to go about the process. This is post 5,510. Things probably won't change soon. I can only hope I'm not really the moron my writing around here indicates. 

Trump says there were illegal votes cast for Hillary and the press goes wild, accusing him of making irresponsible statements without proof. Democrats demand recounts in states they lost based on discrepancies in polling compared to actual votes. They claim that maybe voting machines were hacked by nefarious somebodies, even though there is not a shred of evidence. The press thinks that position is reasonable.  Which is more likely, people casting ballots who are not supposed to vote - like non-citizens and people who vote in multiple precincts and dead people voting ( all of which have been documented) or hackers targeting specific voting machines in Kinross, Michigan? 

Remember that filing and those customer visit reports I wrote about doing last week? Yeah, well guess what did not get done? Today for sure. Probably. Maybe. 
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