August 30, 2016

That damn Moby Dick and his White Privilege

I would bang my head on the wall and utter "stupid, stupid, stupid" in a crazed mantra, but I am afraid I would fall asleep. After waking up so early yesterday, I sleepwalked through the afternoon, staring at the same numbers on he same spreadsheet for an inordinate amount of time. After supper I cleaned up the mess and flopped on the couch to relax with a little baseball. I was still there five hours later as the game rolled right on into Tuesday. I didn't need to watch all thirteen innings. I could have read what happened this morning. Instead, I stayed up for twenty hours to watch a sporting event that had virtually no consequences for the Cubs, win or lose. Now here I am trying to peck out a coherent paragraph with less than six hours of sleep. "Stupid, stupid, stupid" is indeed an accurate description for my follies.

In new liberal fashion I will argue that my tiredness is not entirely my fault. I am still restricted to sleeping only on my back. My accustomed stomach position is out of the question says the surgeon. Even the fetal position is banned. More than fifty years of sleep habit is hard to chang in a couple of months. Five or six hours is really all I can stand before the need to turn over becomes unbearable.

My body says I can go back to sleep, but just not lying on my back. The brain says I have to be on my back. The body says it sucks to be me. I lie there until I just get up. One more week and I can start to sleep on my left side. Until then I'm just gonna have to suck it up, buttercup.

This post is a rambling wreck. I did not go to Georgia Tech, but you get the drift. I can tell you are getting that glazed over look my wife gets about a dozen times a day. That one that cries " pretend you are paying attention, but I just don't care Joe" every time I share a fact, anecdote, or trivia with her. That polite non-attention is my cue to stop.

August 29, 2016

The best bread and butter pickle recipe ever

Humph. I woke up at 4:30 this morning. I don't know why. Well, I do, my bladder woke me. What I don't know is why I couldn't go back to sleep.  So, here we are fighting the evil blinking cursor in a vain effort to offer up a little entertainment for you.

The weekend was remarkably unremarkable.  We did a little yard work yesterday. I watched a couple of old movies. We went to the grocery. I watched some baseball and a little football. Yes, it was as boring as it sounds.

I has my most favorite meal in the world for supper last night -- beef and noodles, mashed spuds, and green beans. We met some friends for a little BBQ on Saturday, so I did eat well. There is that.

I did jump on my lying scale before I got in the shower yesterday. I am within a pound of my lowest weight in more than 30 years. I'm talking early freshman year in college-type poundage.  Granted, it was just after mowing the lawn in sweltering heat and humidity, but still...

To put it into perspective, I weigh about 55 pounds less now than when I started this blog. Apparently the 'lie around flat on your back, doing nothing diet' is effective. It is, in that I didn't grab a snack or morsel every time I walked through the kitchen. I should also point out I lost all of that weight, other than a few pounds here and there five or six years ago. My weight has fluctuated within ten pounds since. I suspect I will discover the three or four pounds I sweated off yesterday afternoon were easily replaced by last night's dinner.

These are mundane and uninspiring musings for an early Monday morning. I bet this alphabet vomit makes you say " boy, I am glad I popped in to this blog today". No? I thought not. Try to have a good day anyway. At least you didn't wake up next to Hillary without makeup or the Trumpster without his hair. There is that.

August 28, 2016

The Right to be Wrong

So a black millionaire athlete who was raised by a white couple finds America so oppressive he cannot stand for the National Anthem. He is the very embodiment of "privilege".

My first blush is to tell him and like-minded others they are free to go to that magical country where they will have more freedom. Heck, I will gladly let my tax dollars go toward a one-way ticket straight out of the USA for anyone who hates it here that much.

In truth, the First Amendment trumps all of those knee-jerk reactions.  If Colin Kaepernik really feels that way, then he should obey his conscious. The First Amendment exists to protect the speech we find most offensive. Period.

I think he is wrong. There are no scholarships just for whites. There are no quotas in hiring or in college admissions for whites.

Is there discrimination? Yes. Whites discriminate against blacks. Blacks discriminate against whites. I have seen staunch New England liberals treat very smart guys from the south as idiots because they have an accent or talk slow. I have seen women much smarter than I treated with disdain purely based on sex. We all have biases. Even you MS Liberal. And you Mr. Kaepernik.

If you do not want to stand for the National Anthem, then don't. Just do not cry about it when your endorsements disappear and your jersey sales drop. Consequences come with taking a stand.

August 26, 2016

For those who care

Just got back from the Doc. All is good. He took out the stitches and said come back in a month.

Unless something happens, this is the last you will have to read on his subject.

I can see better, without glasses, than I have in at least a decade WITH glasses. Once I get glasses to correct my severe astigmatism (in a month or so, after my new corneas have settled down), I will have 20/20 vision.

Do you deny that you are still a communist?

Hillary says Trump has to own the far right KKKers and skinhead-types. Everyone knows that if you are not a liberal Democrat you are a racist asshole. By the same logic, Hillary then has to embrace as part of her campaign the far left, the hard-core communists, the anarchists, the domestic terrorists like Bill Ayres (who wants folks like me put into gulag-like "re-education camps"). She must embrace the ant-Semitic, homophobic, misogynist regimes from the Middle East who have donated millions to her family's slush fund.

Does anyone take the KKK bogeyman seriously any more? Ten guys in their wife's good bed sheets burning a cross out on a farm is not a threat to democracy. They are cartoons of the past, leaving photocopied crap in mailboxes just to get attention, the Blues Brothers Illinois Nazis in real life. Sure they exist. Sure they hate. Sure they are bigots. The KKK no more represents mainstream conservative America than ELF eco-terrorists represents those volunteers picking up trash out on highway 24.

Dimocrits do not like Trump telling people of color to try something new. They don't like that he has called out the emperor's lack of even boxer briefs. He is pointing out that the places with the highest crime and worst economies are controlled by Democrats for fifty years or more. That scares Democrats more than Reagan's Ghost. Hillary's only response is "Don't listen to him, he is a secret member of the KKK".  Is she next gonna warn us about the monster under the bed?

I supposed I am more attuned to politics than your average bear. I have never even heard of the so-called alt right. Is that something she and the press made up? perhaps Hillary should have a press conference so she can answer questions about these accusations.  It has been what, almost a year? Why won't she answer questions?

August 25, 2016

North and South

I don't care what the Beach Boys say, you don't want to go to Kokomo...Indiana that is. That section of the state was hit hard by severe weather last week. Yesterday, four separate storms kicked up tornadoes during he course of the afternoon and evening. Some of the very same neighborhoods were hit that were savaged by a tornado in 2013.

The ugly weather passed just north and south of me. We got thunder and rain. Tornado sirens spunded -- think WWII air raid siren if you don't live in the Midwest -- but we avoided the bad stuff. The storms were strangely slow-moving and did not head off to Ohio until well after dark. StormTeam ScareTeam stayed on the air, and rightly so, until 9:00. They did find time in the reporting to show an occasional commercial though. Gotta sell those cars!

There are no reports of death, and only minor injuries. I make fun of the overwrought weather coverage, but it does help keep people out of harm's way. That is a good thing.

August 24, 2016

Dear Interwebz

I'm alive and doing fine. Spent most of the last two days lying flat on my back staring at the ceiling, yada, yada.

The Doctor says things look good. He is pretty sure I got a good transplant. I'm starting to see a little. I think that is a good thing. The doctor says severe allergy symptoms ate impacting the recovery in both eyes. I could have told him that. Now I have another prescription eye drop to add to my collection. So now I take a steroid eye drop (anti rejection) an antibiotic eye drop, an allergy eye drop, antibiotic pill, Invokana, metformin, glimiperide, a statin, a blood pressure pill, and a vitamin B6. I think it all adds up to around 20 doses of meds a day.  The antibiotics will be done this week.

I hope your week is going well. Forgive any typos, typing one handed upside down on the old iPad isn't easy. I'm dedicated that way.

August 22, 2016

Just like before, only different

 I am off to the surgeon for round two five of eye surgery. This time my right orb will be sliced open.

Here's hoping.

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