May 29, 2015

May 28, 2015


I made spaghetti for supper last night. The wife was doing laundry while I cleaned up the dishes and washed the pans. A quick rain storm passed by herded along by a couple of claps of thunder, just when I thought about sitting out on the patio. Instead I turned on the baseball game, half watching, half reading. Then it became half watching  and half dozing.

The good guys lost and I flipped over to local news. I picked up my book when I should have gone to bed. The next thing I know, I have been reading for an hour and a half. It is past one in the morning and I am arguing with myself about reading a few more pages or hitting the rack. Sensible won. I should have listened to my brain and headed for bed at eleven. In my youth I routinely ran on about 5 hours of sleep, usually because I stayed up into the wee hours reading. I can't do it anymore. Why do I try?

May 27, 2015

Two things about me

If I have said it once, I have said it one hundred million times; I don't exaggerate and I never, ever repeat myself.

May 26, 2015

tuesday at last.

Man I am glad this weekend is over. I worked my butt off.  Remember when I said my wife had some projects? She has a pinched nerve in her back, so bending or moving is hard for her. That left Old Joe to plant the 2 flats of vinkas, the 2flats of begonias, and the 4 wave petunias, and a dozen other flowers of various sorts. I also dug out the pernicious ground cover that surrounded the stump of the tree we cut down last week.  Of course the ground where she wanted the plant holes dug was littered with roots or rocks. Then I spread about 4,683 tons of mulch. It seemed like it anyway. I need to go back to work so I can get some rest. I hurt in places I have not felt in decades.

Yesterday morning a rabbit was out among some of the newly planted flowers out back. I opened the patio door hoping to scare him away, but he did that old bunny trick of freezing in place. I was barefoot, so I grabbed a half dozen ice cubes and sent a couple of two seamed fastballs in his direction. One hit the fence next to his fuzzy tail. He did not move. Another bounced on the mulch an inch from his nose. He did not even twitch. The next hit him square on the back. Still he hunched like a statue. What the heck Bugs? I finally donned some flip flops from the laundry room and he ran when I got within ten yards of his spot. If that little SOB eats those begonias he is a dead rabbit. Sitting still like that will only make my marksmanship easier.

May 23, 2015

under an ice blue sky

This is bouncing around in my brain.

Oh, for Pete's sake just click on the selection, It won't kill you.  You might even smile or perhaps laugh.  That laughter may keep you from cursing at sheep and inciting the wrath of PETA*.  I spent like one minute finding this video. When I was working at the big yellow price tag trying to make ends meet last fall one of my young coworkers mentioned she had never heard of "Animal House". Sigh. I have never felt so old.

Have a great Saturday.

* look it up, I'm serious. Cursing at sheep is abuse.

May 22, 2015


It is an office day today. I have a couple of emails to follow up, some phone calls to make. I will start my expense report early so I am not late again this month. is a three day weekend!

I think the wife has some projects in mind, but she could not possibly fill up the whole three days with work, could she?

I am in a great mood, I think I will go down the street and get some donuts.

Hells yeah you want to be me.
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