February 19, 2018

Get back copycat

OMG, we have to do something, so we should ban the scary-looking plastic semi-auto rifle used by the latest madman killer.  I don’t own one, such a ban would not personally affect me. But let us not fool ourselves, the AR-15 is not significantly different than a semi-automatic .22 I used to shoot in the general direction of squirrels in my youth.

But these guns are used in mass murders. Well, the grandfather of school shootings, Charles Whitman, used a bolt action Remington 700 from atop the tower at the University of Texas in 1966.  The deadliest school shooting of all time in the US was carried out by a murderer toting a pair of handguns at Virginia Tech. The largest murder of school children was in 1927 at the Bath Township school in Michigan. A bomb was used. I guess there is nothing inherently evil in a black plastic gun that might make young adult males go on killing sprees.

It could be that the AR-15 is used because it is one of the best-selling guns in the US. Most criminals use a a Chevy, Ford, or Toyota as a getaway vehicle. I wonder why? It might be that some of these guys just want to be copycats and the AR-15 is what the last guy used.

We have to do something. This only happens in the US. According to Wikipedia, five of the top ten deadliest school killings occurred outside of the US, including the top 3. In fact, these killings happen all over the world, even in places with very strict gun laws like China.

We should make it hard to own a gun, really restrict who can have one. You mean like opioids? Well then let’s make guns totally illegal, get them off the streets and out of the hands of children. Just like we do pot, booze, heroin, and meth?  Every state should have the same gun laws. Murder is already a crime in every state and locality.

Instead of restricting law-abiding gun owners, we should target criminals. How about this:  If you use a gun in the commission of a crime, even if you do not shoot anyone, like in armed robbery, you get the death penalty. I am not talking in 15 years down the road, but in a reasonably short time. If a jury finds you guilty and an appeals court finds no error in the trial, then zip, zap, bang you are dead. Preferably, we do it it on the courthouse lawn, pour le encouragement au l’autres. I suspect gun crime will decrease quickly. Harsh? You bet. You wanted a solution didn’t you?

February 18, 2018

A crisis averted

I bought a new belt.

It is brown leather. It was on sale for 50% off. I got it at Macy’s.

The loop thingy that holds the extra belt length came off a month or so ago on my old  belt.

Problem solved.

Bookmark this post, you will want to read it again and again.

February 17, 2018

What a guy

Considerate. That is just one of many adjectives that have been used to describe me. Mostly used by me, but that is getting off topic. Apparently, the boy spent the night elsewhere. His dog usually sleeps in his room. As I shuffled upstairs to the office blog room the dog was curled in my recliner. He rolled his eyes at me as I turned on the light. Instead of booting his sleepy carcass from my chair, I grabbed my iPad and came downstairs to surf the web and blog from the couch. Let sleeping dogs lie is the old saying and who am I to go against convention? See, I am so considerate I even make sure my kid’s dog is comfortable.

We are heading to visit our oldest friends this evening. Yesterday was my buddies’ birthday so an evening of eating and hanging out is in the plans. Yesterday was also my Mommy’s birthday, so we will stop by to wish her belated best wishes too.

Speaking of birthdays, mine is coming up soon. It is probably time to start making that list o’stuff and  placing orders if you are buying my gifts from the interwebz. Please limit your gifts to no more than five this year. Let me know if you need ideas. Beer and cigars are always good places to start. I wouldn’t turn up my nose to a free week on the beach. Please remember, when it comes to getting me gifts, money should be no object.

Players are in warm climes starting spring training! Unmeaningful and nearly-unwatchable games start next week. Still, spring training baseball is better than no baseball.

In a maybe intentional ironic twist, the Cubs are giving away umbrellas as a premium for one of their games against the Cleveland Indians this season. You might remember it was a fortunate rain delay that allowed the Cubs to regroup and win the World Series in 2016. My blog buddy Jean may not find this umbrella idea as funny as I do.

Have a great Saturday.

February 16, 2018

Midwest Living

It was in the mid-sixties temperature-wise yesterday, with intermittent rain. A typical spring day. Today, why highs in the thirties with snow flurries. Life in this part of the country is interesting. I suppose Mother Nature decided that in lieu of scenery we would have extreme fluctuations in weather. Generally, we suffer the whims of a northwest wind or a southwest wind, thus warm one day, cold the next. An absence of terrain features lets Canadian cold air and warm Gulf breezes determine whether we wear a jacket or heavy coat.

Knock on wood, I think the worst of my cold is behind me.

How much longer do the Olympics last? What is the difference in the ski events? It looks like they race down the same slope every night. When did they start painting the course in blue lines? How many different times do the ice skaters perform? Why won’t other channels show alternative programming that is not reruns? I have so many questions.

How about we combine some of the Olympic events to speed stuff up? For instance see if the people who ski and shoot could use the ice skaters for targets. See how high the skaters jump and twist then. I bet more than a few would get rid of some sparkles on their costumes. That would be worth watching. I suspect gun jokes are hard today. If you are offended disregard this paragraph. I am really surprised the shooting sports haven’t been banned from the Olympics anyway.

Have a great Friday.

February 15, 2018

I’m tired of writing this post

Another stupid senseless school shooting. It was a gun-free zone, so let us not fool ourselves into believing more laws will change things.

I have no answers. I wish I did.

The guy who pulled the trigger is the murderer. Just as an axe cannot fell a tree on its own, the gun was a tool in the hands of a madman.

I offer prayers to the families of the victims. Too bad the killer surrendered before he could be eliminated from this Earth. I’ll say what you are all thinking. Now some scum lawyer will go beyond ensuring his client gets a fair trial, he will try to get this piece of human garbage his freedom. Most likely the taxpayers of a Florida will foot the hefty legal bills.

I have no answers. I wish I did.

February 14, 2018

John has a long moustache, The chair is against the wall...

The other night I was surfing through my TV channels looking for something to watch. I have 2,194 channels and nearly 19 of them are not home shopping related. Still, I couldn't find anything worthwhile except the Olympics. Tired of old Miami Vice reruns I reluctantly watched ice skaters do their thing.

At one point I opined to the wife that I am surprised that no one has tried to do the same-sex couple thing in pairs skating. We both laughed.

The Big Brother listening devices in my living room are working. My Echo spy machine has reported my conversation, because lo and behold there is an editorial in USA Today calling for same-sex couples in figure skating. Hah! You can look it up yourself, I am too lazy.

I will admit I did not know Will Farrell made a movie about that some years ago. I suspect it was not funny. 

February 13, 2018

Go ask Alice

Let me understand this. Graffiti artists spray paint on property they do not own. The guy who actually owns the property -- you know, the one who pays taxes, maintains the property --  he paints over the so-called art and then tears down the buildings to put up new high rises. Somehow the owner has to pay out nearly $7 million to the people who defaced HIS property? WTH?

I think I am living in Wonderland some days.
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