June 20, 2005

Sometime I do not hate WalMart

We went to WalMart Friday to drop a huge portion of my paycheck, as usual. I found a bin of DVD movies all for $5.50.

I bought Hamburger Hill, Pale Rider, The Quick and the Dead (the Louis L'Amour story with Tom Selleck, not that abortion with the chick gunfighter), For the Love of the Game, Weekend at Bernies (one of the funniest movies ever made), and that Jackie Chan/Chris Rock movie that I can not remember the name (for my boy). I passed on John Wayne in McLintock, only because it is on AMC all the time anymore.

Of course the weekend went to crap, so I have only watched weekend at Bernie's. I had a great father's day. The wife and kids bought me a hammock to rest my fat lazy ass on a summer day. Sounds good about now.

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