June 21, 2009

I am insulted in a public place

Happy Dad's Day to all of you Pops out there. I hope you get a call or visit from your kids. Call your own Dad and say hello. I was gonna go visit mine today, but he is going on a mini-trip with Otter. I will take him out for dinner this week instead.

I ran four different virus scans yesterday, deep scans that took hours to complete and they found nothing. I am going to restore my computer to before the big IE crash and see what happens. Yes, I know there are legions saying I should be using Firefox about now. I might agree, except I do not know how or where to get it or how to use it if I do manage top get it installed.

The Cubs won a great game yesterday. I watched every minute.

The wife and I went to the movies last night. It is the first time we have gone to the movies in months. We saw the new Sandra Bullock film The Proposal. A very good romantic comedy. But that is not what is important.

The wife paid for the tickets since she had the money. As we sat in our seats, she gave me a forlorn look and told me she can't believe it -- the ticket girl sold us 'Senior' tickets. Senior Citizen fucking tickets!* I pulled out the stubs. Sure enough. I looked at her and said,"No, they charged me regular price, but gave you a Senior Discount. She did not think that was nearly as funny as I did. I thought about going to demand I be charged the correct price. Since I didn't, you can conclude my moral outrage was not as great as you might think. Besides, it would be even more humiliating to have the girl say it was not a keypunch mistake, but that she really thought we were older than 55. I have convinced my self the ywere running a Father's Day Weekend special and all tickets were being offered at the Senior Discount. Rather than reprogram the register, they just used the senior button for all. That has to be it.

So, in a short-lived picture feature, tell me what you think -- do we look 55?:

This was taken in March of this year.

*sidebar...that is what I said, the wife would not say "fuck" if it got her a hundred bucks.

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