June 22, 2009

Historically thinking

I have always believed the American people are tough. They fight for their rights and beliefs. I have studied history and until now I find that to be true.

If you study the history of the Twentieth Century, you will find that changing a government is usually a violent affair. Millions died in Russia during the Revolution. Ditto for China. The attempt to turn Spain socialist cost the lives of hundreds of thousands. The conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba and even the Congo show that it takes many lives and years to implement a Socialist/Communist agenda. Lenin, Trotsky and Che all advised that the cost was dear.

Why are we rolling over without a whimper? Why is the Republican Party making it so easy for The Obama and his avowed "progressive" boot lickers like Pelosy, Boxer Dodd, and Reid to destroy our nation?

To whom do you attribute your success (or failures)? Is it your own hard work or the Government? Is the best way to make America stronger through its people? Or do you believe only the Government makes us what we are. Sit down and ask yourself some hard questions. Did the government provide your food, your car, your house? Did someone else buy your clothes, your lunch? Who will tuck in your kids, who tells you how to parent? Think long and hard. Does the government provide for your every need? Do you want them to?

Next time, vote accordingly.

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