March 31, 2010

The Dems just spit at your defiance.

Taking stock of the current political situation:

Obama's approval rating stands at 46/46 and 47/53, according to Gallup and Rasmussen. 55% want ObamaCare repealed. 52% said Obama doesn't deserve re-election. And he is tied with a generic Republican for the 2012 elections, according to the latest polls. 60% see the country heading in the wrong direction.

Obama and his minions know they are following a scorched earth policy. Pelosi and the Democrat Party leaders know they are facing huge losses in November. Rather than discouraging further unpopular legislation, they are energized to get it done while they can. At this point they feel they have nothing to lose so why not forgive illegals and pass the cap and tax?

When your teenager has a party when you are away and the house gets trashed, he does not end the party and try to fix the broken furniture. He says "what the fuck" and and parties on. He is screwed anyway, so he might as well have fun before you ground him. He knows you will not punish him forever.

The Dems know that the stupid party will screw up and they will be back in power in time.

There is your Hope and Change.

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