November 28, 2010

Islamaphobe? -- you bet

It has become well documented how the press fails to mention the political party of politicians caught breaking the law -- if the person in question is a democrat.

Are we seeing a similar tendency when detailing attempted acts of terrorism? A young naturalized Somali Mohamed Osman Mohamud is accused of trying to detonate a bomb during the annual Christmas Tree lighting in downtown Portland, Oregon. source

I am willing to put a crisp new Jackson on the table betting this young man is a follower of the teachings a certain 7th century Prophet. Anyone want to bet me on this?


Dan O. said...

I caught a few minutes of the movie "Ali" (w/Will Smith) last night and heard a line I thought insiteful if it was quoted as originally spoken by Howard Cosell. He was mentioning Ali's joining of the radical and militant Muslims. That's not verbatim from the movie, but all of those words were used in that sentence.

Religion of peace. Heh.

Mr.B said...

Seems that someone BURNED DOWN HIS MOSQUE.

I feel bad.

just a tiny bit.

ok, a little less than that.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I thought he was a "Portland Teenager"!

Nathan said...

He's probably a Quaker from Pennsylvania.

After all, the TSA says we all have to be treated as if we are all the same. So I suppose in a TSA universe, the above is entirely possible.

Josh said...

His name is Mohamed Osman Mohamud. Do you really need someone to tell you he's a Muslim? I know you're not THAT stupid.

Incidentally, do you know the religion of the person who turned him in to the authorities?

Ted Amadeus said...

It's WAY past time to start profiling these ragheads. With the biggest mosque I ever saw right outside Chicago, decked out like the Taj Mahal thanks to Saudi oil money sent over here via CAIR and Catholic Charities International STILL getting millions from Uncle Sam to settle Muslim refugees, how long til we end up with shopping malls, train stations and buses full of dead people?
The only thing more dangerous than the Wahhabi stripe of murdering Islamic fanatic are all these FULSOB gov't Papists employed to look the other way as they come in and grab you by the balls at the airport!

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