March 19, 2012

This place is going to the birds

Not this place, this place , as in the homestead. While doing some yard work yesterday, I noticed stupid robins have tried to build a nest on the brick ledge where an angle of the hose comes together. I tore it down. They can nest in the trees, but on the house is going too far.

Part of my deck is fenced in with a privacy fence.  As I went out to throw some chicken breasts on the grill, I noticed another nest was built on the top of the fence, in the corner where the fence meets the house. I picked up the nest intact and heaved it into the flower bed by the Big Grasses.

Yes, go ahead and call the EPA, the Sierra, Club, the green-enviros of your choice.  I trashed two nests in one day. Robin sucked in the batman comics and I do not want his namesake nesting on or around my house. Birds shit and make a mess and are unhealthy. A few years ago a pair of doves tried to build a nest in the gutters, and the subsequent flood made a real mess.

I took the opportunity to trash both rebuilding efforts again this morning. I will continue to harass the birds until they move on. In the meantime, I have sprinkled poison on the nesting sites and will be off to WalMart later today to get some mothballs to aid in my efforts.

update 11:18 AM...I just walked through the living room and glanced out the windows.  there I spied a damn dove head peeking above the gutter! yes, a dove has built a nest in the gutter.  I chased her away and tore out the nest.  In my experience, doves a re dumber than rocks, and once they get an idea in the head the yare persistent. This war with the birds is going to be a long battle...


Rita said...

Cue the Alfred Hitchcock music.

Dax Montana said...

I guess sending you a birdhouse is not a good idea?

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