January 14, 2015

on the road again

Hotel life, passing time on America's interstate highway system. Stopping at a random McDonalds to ensure the chain continues to function as America's urinal. Not to eat, though. Even salesmen have standards.  It is good to be working, doing what I do well.  A whole new industry, new products, new customers bring exciting challenges. I already miss my family though. Being home six straight months has been nice. But the slight case of homesickness is offset by new places to see, new roads to drive. In the meantime I am readjusting to living out of a suitcase and trying hard not to think about what bacteria is lurking on the tv remote.

Hope you readers are having a great Wednesday.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Highway run...into the midnight sun... :)

Anonymous said...

No airport fun??


Joe said...

It looks like very little airport time with this job - lots of windshield hours though. Unfortunately no more time in the southeast, one of my favorite areas. Now I will be in the Great Lakes and upper Midwest most of the time.

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