January 15, 2015

F you Oxford Press. F you silly people

Pork pork pork pork pork pork

Pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig

Sausage sausage sausage sausage

Bacon bacon bacon bacon

Pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig pig



LeeAnn said...

Oh no oh gawd, it has to be a parody. Or a joke. Elsewise I need to find a cave and hermit the rest of my days.
Oh and, just because I can and screw you, Oxford University Press and other delicate pc types:
Pig. Bacon. Pork. Mohammed. Piggly Wiggly. BLT. Pork barbeque. Pork barrel. Porky Pig. Mohammed. Pork and beans.
Now I'm hungry.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Eh, just a bunch of fusty dons squealing about stupid shite again.

hey teacher... said...

This little piggy went to the market.
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy had nothing better to do
Than to be a big pain in the ass to writers and people in general.

BTW. I think Oxford should take the Ox out of their name because it may offend Hindus.

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