April 4, 2005

168 E-mail messages later

Like many of my fellow Hoosiers, Wolverines, Illini, and Buckeyes I spent last week on Spring Break. We (except the Daughter who went on a cruise) went to beautiful Orlando. The weather was perfect. Anything is better than cold rain and snow flurries.

I am sure all you Southern types are heartily sick of the Northerners coming to take advantage of your sunshine. This is clear the miles of "road construction". It is my theory that you barricade miles of perfectly god highway and never work on it in order to make the drive down and home so unpleasant that you will discourage the return trip next year. Can you believe it -- 6 hours from Orlando Macon, GA?
Now here I am ready to return to work. I have 168 unread messages in my work in box. Most will be issues that were started and finished while I was gone. When will part xyz ship? On Tuesday. Please ship air. Etc. Etc. Etc. I will still have to read everyone to make sure a detail was not missed or if there is something I need to take care of.

Thank God for employment, 'cause it is the very fact that I have 168 Emails, and a job, that I am able to enjoy a fabulous week in the sunshine.

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