April 4, 2005

It was only after we left the Magic Kingdom that I got scared

On our Spring Break Vacation we visited the Magic Kingdom of Mickey M. You know who. We have been there several times before, but my little one (not so little any more at 11 years old) does not like to break any tradition. If we ever did anything previously that makes it a tradition and it shall not be changed.

So we jumped in the car and made the short drive from our Condo to the Wonderfull World of Disney. If you have ever been to the magic Kingdom you know that you drive to a parking lot, pay your parking fee ($9), then board a tram to take you to another lot. Here you choose either the ferry boat or the monorail to get to the lot where you enter the park. On the tram we were informed that the lot held 11,000 cars. That is $99,000 in parking fees in a day.
We arrived at the park and I had to have my camera bag inspected by security. Any bag, purse, backpack, etc must be "inspected". This inspection consisted of me opening the bag and the inspector peering inside.
We had a great time. The lines were long, the streets were full. During the parades and fireworks you could not move due to the press of people. The area around the castle was like Times Square on New Years. It really seemed as if 50,000 people were there (11,000 cars times 4.5 per car -- mom, dad, 2.5 kids). All in all, in spite of the crowds we had a good time.
On the way we were discussing the crowds of people around the castle and my wife pointed out how devastating a bomb would have been if detonated in that area. I remembered the almost pointless security screening. I wondered what security measures were taken on employees and deliveries to the park. I remembered that some of the 9/11 terrorists had lived in Florida for a while. It was only then I got scared.
If you are a terrorist forget I mentioned anything.

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