April 13, 2005

Enough, Moonbats: desist!

Yesterday I bought gas for my wife's car. I paid $2.31/gallon. I am not going to rant about the high price of gas but please, to all the moonbats out there who are constantly looking for GWB to apologize for whatever it is he supposedly did wrong, please admit that the reasons we went to war with Iraq had NOTHING TO DO WITH OIL.

Anyone who has chanted No Blood For Oil, carried a sign that said NO BLOOD FOR OIL, or proclaimed in any way that the only reason we went to Iraq was for OIL -- shut the hell up.

Even the most incompetent dumbass retard in the world if he wanted to steal the oil reserves in Iraq could make sure we had enough oil to meet the current demand. NO ONE IS THAT INCOMPETENT!

Admit it, you leftist bastards, you were wrong about Afghanistan, you were wrong about Iraq. Now ask yourselves, what else could I be wrong about? If you are not sure I can help -- EVERYTHING. You are wrong about the minimum wage, welfare, Social Security, Medicade, taxing the rich, any subject at all: you are wrong. Did that help?

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