April 13, 2005

Why Wednesdays are worse than Mondays

Here are the things that are bringing me down today:

I have spent all morning analyzing customer forecasts and creating graphs and spreadsheets

It is a rainy clouding day

It is cold

My son wrecked my car -- low speed, he is fine. Car had to be towed.

There are no groceries in the house

I am constantly worried about how I will pay for my daughters Education. She goes to sign up for classes and make her schedule tomorrow.

I have nothing but more forecast analysis to look forward to after lunch.

Ok enough poor me, back to work.


both ink cartridges just ran out while printing graphs -- ughhh now I will have to go to WalMart on Scial Security day!

Kick, smack, punch...punch. Ok I am now out of whine mode.

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