April 6, 2005

I am now held hostage in Canuckistan

I have arrived here in the Socialist Utopia of Canuckistan. I am preparing for the monumental ass reaming I am about to take from my customer.

This morning I had one of those incredibly awful shits. It made my eyes water. The little one actually gagged when I took him in there to comb his hair. I took a shower, packed, loaded the car and the air in the bathroom still reeked. That stuff was worse than the Stroh's shits I used to dump back in College.

I am trying to work another one up for an emergency tomorrow in my customer meetings. If the pressure gets too much maybe I will drop one of those stink bombs. At least they will forget what they are so made at me for when they are wiping tears of pain from their eyes. Think that strategy will work?

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