April 8, 2005

Sure, call ME a stupid Hoosier

On my way to Canukistan I stopped for gas in Monroe Michigan. I felt it my duty to make sure my employer did not have to pay the ridiculus Canadian Gas Prices.

I pulled up to the first pump and stopped because there was a red bag over the handle on the next pump indicating that pump was out of order. As I got out of my SUV, a car pulled up behind me and began to honk. I looked at him and he was waving me forward to the other pump. I ignored him. Finally, he drove around me and pulled up to the next pump. Let me state again. There is a big red plastic bag on the pump handle that says "out of order". This man gets out of the car and gives me the "I hope you die stare." I gave him my most beligerant, smart ass smirk in return.

He puts in his credit card. He tries to pick up the handle and can not get a hold of it. THERE IS A BAG OVER THE HANDLE. He uses two hands to place the nozzle into his tank. He can not get the pump trigger to work so he peels back the bag -- the one that says "out of order"-- so he can pull the trigger. The pump will not work. He smacks the pump. The pump will not work. He kickes the pump. The pump will not work. Finally he goes into the station. He comes out gets into his car and leaves. He has Ontario Plates. TRUE STORY.

I proceed to laugh my butt off for the next two hours. They say Hoosiers are dumb bastards. I say HAH! and call bullshit. Even a dumb Hoosier is smarter than some asshole form Canuckistan.

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