April 22, 2005


When I got back from lunch there was a spider sitting on my water cooler. One of those black hairy bastards. I squashed him in a Kleenex then flushed him. Good riddance I say. I hate spiders almost as much as snakes.

I have a bag of sunflower seeds on my desk and I bet that SOB was in there too, since I forgot to close it up last night. I don't care I'll eat 'em anyway. And if you need to call me today, I am not answering. I don't feel like working. I am so far behind due to lots of recent traveling, my vacation, and my grandma's funeral. I am going to try to get through my 200+ e-mails, eat some spider shit covered sunflower seeds and go home early.

Screw you if you don't like it. You can get squashed and flushed too.

This, however, makes me happy. Commie Bitch.

Have a good weekend.

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