April 10, 2005

They is sure some wird things agoin' on ovah dere

I live in a decent, middle class subdivision. You know the type, ranch style houses with brick fronts, vinyl on the rest of the house. There are clearly better neighborhoods and far worse in my little town.

By chance the house across the street was abandoned several years ago. A local Doctor bought the place and it is a high priced rental. I am not thrilled by this, but the price is such that you usually get quality people that do not want an apartment, but don't yet have to dough saved to by their own place. There has been no trouble until now.

A single mom an her little Dennis the Menace have moved in. Believe it or not this is the second time in the place for them. The kid is annoying beyond words. The kind of little red-haired jerk you hate as soon as you meet him. He seems to sense this and compensates by making up outrageous lies in order to gain your favor. Expert stunt rider on his bike, expert baseball player, expert skateboarder, rich, all of these are some of his claims. Look, even my little one cannot stand him and he gets along with EVERYBODY. My oldest takes immense delight in trapping him in his lies.

Any way I am getting off subject. About three weeks ago the little fibber decided to dig a hole in his front yard. He said he would be punished if he did not dig every day. Who would believe this? The hole is now about eight feet in diameter and two feet deep. Yesterday one of the Mom's "friends" arrived in a pickup truck and began to load the dirt from the hole into his truck. It continues this morning and now the hole is being dug deeper. WTF? Is this a new method of getting cheap topsoil? Any suggestions? I usually could care less about my neighbors -- heck, I do not even no a single name until you get five houses down. This has me baffled.

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Caddie said...

Ha! I would like to be there when the owner sees this hole.

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