May 26, 2005

Old People part II

Could you spend $1,000 dollars in a day? What if you had $1,000 to spend every day? In a month or two you could buy a really nice car. In a year you would own a pretty nice house in most of the country. Of course that would be a starter house in San Francisco.

If you started today, and spent ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS EVERY DAY, you would have spent one million dollars on Feb. 19, 2008. It would take you almost three years to spend that much. Yet how many of us scoff at the lottery or a game show when the prize is "only" one million dollars?

If you spent $1,000 per day until December 31, 2031 you will have spent 1 billion dollars. Happy New Year to you!

If I read the charts and graphs right, the cost of the Medicare prescription drug benefit will be in the neighborhood of $534 billion dollars. According to the AARP, we are not doing enough. "nough said.

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